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    Sleights that elude you.

    The duck change. Practiced it for 4 weeks straight everyday for about 3 hours per day. Gave up on it. Picked up practicing it again about 6 months later with the " I'm going to get this once and for all" attitude. Never gonna happen. It's still horrible. I mean like weak,flying apart in the air...
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    Aerial Maneuvers

    Ps: I'm going to be adding that charlier cut to it in the future. That's a great idea!
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    Aerial Maneuvers

    Yes Ive noticed most of the time I pull it off it's usually a thinner packet of cards. And also you're right about the trajectory because it seems like it's spinning out of control sometimes and landing off-centered or sometimes completely sideways. I'll pay more attention to my finger placement...
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    Aerial Maneuvers

    Exactly! Only difference is that I was trying to spin it counter clockwise with the ring finger of my right hand.
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    Aerial Maneuvers
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    Aerial Maneuvers

    Hey folks, I am mostly magic,but like to flourish here and there too. This sounds like the place to ask for help with this issue. I always have a problem with one solitary card departing from the packet I'm trying to spin or flip 360 degrees through the air. For example I'm...
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    Memorizing Mnemonica

    I also forgot to mention that I have an app called ultimate mnemonica trainer that I used too and still use it sometimes to stay sharp.
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    Memorizing Mnemonica

    Not sure if this helps,but I memorized the first 26 cards to the tune of Row,Row,Row your boat. Then the last 26 to Smells Like Teen Spirit. Putting it to a couple of songs I learned the entire stack in about four days.
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    Greatest lecture of all time?

    Gregory Wilson At the Table Live. I can watch it over and over and it still inspires me. One of the best ever Imo if that's your style of magic.
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    Saturday Night Contest - James Bond Card Lotto!

    Card 1: Queen of clubs Card 2:Queen of spades Card 1: 3 of hearts Card 2: 9 of diamonds
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    At The Table - Chris 'Oribit' Brown
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    Morgan Dollar Replica

    Awesome! Thank you so much for your help. Looking forward to checking out your review!
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    Morgan Dollar Replica

    Hi there folks. I was wondering if any of you guys or gals could point me to a good lightweight Morgan replica. I currently use a real one and I love the authenticity of it, but it's like trying to muscle pass a manhole cover. I have a few very poorly made magnetic ones that I can manipulate so...
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    What's your favorite response to "I've seen this one!"?

    I usually either spread the deck face up for something different, do a "tell me when to stop"(dribble to side steal,riffle and peek,or thumb riffle), or simply ask them to name any card in a 52 card deck and remove it. I also use a turnover pass like it's on sale everyday. Covid 19 has made me...
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