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    Close up gigs?

    Hey guys Im a close up worker, and I was wondering where I could get a gig, by doing Close up magic. Restaurants is one, but where are some other places? I really appreciate the advice, thanks.
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    In need of a coin routine!

    get on the spot with gregory wilson, crazy coin routines, especially quick silver
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    Muscle Pass Question

    wats the question? lol
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    Why are we clones?

    just go on youtube and type in wall walk, or self vanish, there are probably hundreds of videos of the same illusion with kids (10,11,12,13 yrs old , there nothing wrong with the age, its just it appeals to more younger kids because theyll see a video of sum1 their age doing it, or criss angel...
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    Daytona Festival of Magic

    daytona florida?
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    A "Signature" Effect - New Trick -

    I thought it was an original idea, sorry bout the confusion, whats the name of the trick?
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    Clutch by Oz Pearlman

    u will laugh at the method if u buy it, but yes its impromptu and is really cool, but one again, the method will hit ya right in between the eyes
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    A "Signature" Effect - New Trick -

    I didn't know that, whats the name of the effect?
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    new transpo

    i made a trick called tivo 3.0 but deleted it cuz people didnt like it, make a video ASAP
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    A "Signature" Effect - New Trick -

    how? what did i do wrong?
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    A "Signature" Effect - New Trick -

    Hey guys, heres a new trick I came up with, if you've seen this trick before, let me know. Because as far as I know, I came up with this, enjoy! :D
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    Tivo 3.0

    Why are you acting like that? Of corse, i understand no one liked it, im not complaining
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    Coin Vanish Vapor

    its not original, its a good idea, but it has been done before, look up "dream coin vanish" on youtube, same effect, nice job tho
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    Street Magic (kind of)

    If you know the basics, it should come easy, maybe dont do a double lift, but do a trick that involved it. Practice more is the key and they wont spot it, honestly, dont show them, practice till your sick of practicing, then practice some more
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    What's Your Favorite Deck?

    My favorite deck would have to be the smoke deck, its almost as smooth and as elegant as a smoke, except with the smoke deck, im not afraid to use it (im afraid to bend and "ruin" my ghost) smoke deck is amazing
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