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    White Lions series b

    I've found there is a 2 of hearts reveal on the queen of spades. Any others? And does anyone know the marking system?
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    Arrcos, Red JAQK , Sentinels problem?

    Is the weather humid in your area? That, in my experience, is the number one reason for cards to behave the way you've described.
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    White Lions series b

    You get them from his site but they are currently sold out. It comes with a double backer, and a blank face. I know that it is also marked but is there anything else?
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    White Lions series b

    Care to elaborate on your deliberate use of "special"?? Is there some fun I'm missing out on?
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    White Lions series b

    I received mine today. Nice cards though I am a bit disappointed about not getting the card-throw illustration card that came with the series a. What do you guys think about them?
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    Insane by Andy Nyman

    Care to elaborate? I received mine recently and the method was basically what I was expecting. It's a good routine but I'm curious about your claims of the chosen card being inspected, as this is not the case. I can, though, think of a slightly alternate version where you could hand out a...
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    Insane by Andy Nyman

    Having the cards dealt face up would be quite risky for this.
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    ok - this abuse needs to end.

    Who cares? I've seen worse douchebag magicians that weren't picking up chicks that I would say hurt the image of our art far worse than some guy who uses it to pick up girls (Hey! Look at my card tie and my bright green blazer! Now watch these billiard balls multiply!) . Hell even I use it to...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Supernatural Roundtable

    1. How did you come to work with David Blaine? 2. What is your favorite magic book? 3. Mac or Winblows?
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    What Camera Do You Use?

    The cam I use is my friends Nikon D7000. Soon enough I'll be posting the promo vid we are shooting for me with it. It shoots beautiful video and can use a variety of lenses.
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    Best coin shells

    Yeah it's not just you, he doesn't seem to get back to anyone. I emailed him a long time ago and never got a response.
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    House of Cards Table

    Thought this was pretty cool, you may as well.
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    Blending "Panic" into a routine

    I'm curious what you've come up with. I use it to open quite often and then have the deck I pull out prepared for a few things.
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    Digital Dissolve Price...

    You get a gimmick coin set made by Jamie Schoolcraft. It's a darn good price.
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    Pushover DL

    I happen to have a quite decent push off dl and I can tell you that it can only be acquired through hours and hours of practice. Back when Blaines first Street Magic special came out I saw how great his dl was and became determined to develope that skill. If I remember correctly after about 7...
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