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    1. CaseyC
      I agree. As of now EB wins by far in all the categories (visual factor, practicality, ability to hand out bills, etc.)

      Haha yeah good stuff.

      lol wtf?! Probably aimlessly joining rooms to spread his word...lol
    2. CaseyC
      Yeah and I totally agree with you. I'm going to HAVE to pick this up. I mean, the original EB looked so fantastic anyway and now there's 75 extra minutes of extra tips and subtleties, a better gimmick, and a whole section on how to hand out the bills. I don't think it could get any better. The change itself looks so real.

      Hahaha nice. Took me awhile to get through them lol. I like the magician one and the ax murderer one haha
    3. Luis Vega
      Luis Vega
      hahahaha...maybe I got something for you...just PM me with your e-mail...
    4. CaseyC
      Happy Bday Man! Sorry I'm a day late. Hope you had a good day.

      On a separate note, I'm so glad I held off on buying Extreme Burn. Have you seen 2.0? I MUST BUY IT!!! Ahhh it's perfect now! I can't believe you can now hand out the bills. It's like the best bill change ever now lol
    5. willabbotsm
      Happy Birthday!!!!1111!!!11!!11!!!!1

      shift happens
    6. RDChopper
      I havent seen you posting as "V." what happened?
    7. RDChopper
      Dude you have like 90 accounts!!!! happy birthday!!!
    8. wZEnigma
      Happy birthday!
    9. DannyT
      Happy Birthday!!
    10. Luis Vega
      Luis Vega
      Hey buddy!!! I just wanted to say...Happy Birthday!!!
    11. CaseyC
      Hahahahaha WOW that such a fail of a thread. The guy EDITED can't even mention EDITED without EDITED a EDITED or a EDITED. lol
    12. DannyT
      thanks man!
    13. willabbotsm
      Well you start tearing it and they finish it, so basically most of the tear has already been completed. It doesn't matter how they finish it.
    14. willabbotsm
      Yeah, mine too. I'm currently selling some of my magic stuff, because some purchases were made back when I was new, so they weren't that smart.
    15. willabbotsm
      I'll probably cave soon.

    16. willabbotsm
      I'm just using willpower. I hope I can make it through the rest of the year. I guarantee on January 1st 2011 I'll be buying a lot. :D
    17. willabbotsm
      yep, that's how it's done. :D magic is really a money consumer. I made it my new years resolution to stop buying more, and just practice and perform what I already have.
    18. willabbotsm
      Haha, yeah the price is a bit big, but it's been worth every cent for me. I got mine at MJM for like $58, because they let you choose red or blue. (I got red).

      It's a lot better than many of the lesser priced things I've bought in the past.

      Impulse can cost you a lot :D
    19. willabbotsm
      Well, personally I've never had the corner signed. I've never thought of it. But in the booklet it does mention it might strengthen the effect, as when they recreate it later, they're brain will connect the dots and think the whole card was signed, especially if you've done a signed card routine earlier, like an ACR. It's a neat little subtlety. :D I think I might start doing it, actually.
    20. willabbotsm
      Yeah, the Intercessor is perfect for that. The only dupe is the card you plant in your location, which can be days before your performance. I think the Intercessor is stronger than Angle Zero, because it's the whole card (minus a corner) that vanishes and reappears, not just a corner.

      One cool thing you could do is ask the restaurant if you can come in before it opens on a night you're working, and plant a few cards different places. Then experiment with the tables.

      The beauty of the Intercessor is that the spectator can tear off part of the corner, and hold onto is without you ever touching it. Unknown to them, It perfectly matches a card you've torn days ago. Genious.

      Trust me, you'll have so much fun with it, playing with different ideas and locations and such. There's even a full fledged stage routine involving fruit in the booklet, using the intercessor :D
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