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    1. CaseyC
      Same here. Well I better be off. I don't have time to respond to the PM now, so remind me so I don't forget!lol
      ttyl man
    2. michael_weiss
      Thanks man....i really appreciate ur feedback...hey u should be on yahoo i.m more..lol...its easier to talk to u that thru T11 on ma phone..lol...but again to the joint alliance...id love to do it. Create an effect no1 expects..here is how i get ideas sumtimes...start with...,"what if I could________.
    3. CaseyC
      Yeah I'm usually pretty comedic around friends and stuff but love the intellectual discussions about life and such. (it's hard to find friends like that you know lol)
      I guess my performance kind of blends that (or at least I try to haha). Keeping it interesting, making the audience think and laugh.
      That's basically it.
    4. CaseyC
      Yeah that's what I try to go for. I'm always really conversational and relaxed when I perform which is how I am as a person. If I tried to do the whole "Watch carefully folks! If I take your freely selected playing card and place it into the pack! It jumps all by itself to the top!!!" I'd come off as really ....stupid. lol
      Jokes also break the tension too. Which is why I'm also never gravely serious like Dan White's dead-face.
    5. michael_weiss
      I totally agree...but i talked to my teacher(im his magic student, hes 50 sumthng) an he says as far as he is concerned he hasnt heard of anything like it...but i will do research...hey we should come up with an idea thats seems impossible an come up with a solution...if ur game...lol
    6. CaseyC
      Yeah that's exactly it. I love routines like this one because there is a lot of room for the performer to play with the presentation and do what he/she wants to do with it. It's also a routine that lasts more than 20 seconds giving you more time to connect with the audience and build an emotional hook.
    7. michael_weiss
      Oh yes! Its the focal point of the entire effect...well i have built a friendship with u an are a fellow magi commrad...so yet again on the extreme dl...dnt mention this...its original idea(i think)...but with the empty soda can inspected by spect. b4 an after the effect jus to mention that...the can is handed to the performer an the can held either in the fingertips or palm the soda can VISUALLY bends slightly in half after "concentratin ur energy".
    8. CaseyC
      Yeah I've been working on different strategies to approach this plot. I'm still not sure which route I prefer. I guess I can try em out this weekend. But there's definitely a lot of different ways you can present it.

      Ha..sorry man I don't. :P
    9. michael_weiss
      ok...well...i am sure u got a hint of wat is in store for the secret project...i actually got the solution...im refining an designing the gimmick...but this project is gonna feel akward...one requirment is a jacket or light coat..nothing tight fitting...but im thinking hard on how to eliminate the coat..that way it makes it mor impromptu-ish.
    10. CaseyC
      What kind of reactions did you get during the memorization revelation part? (that sounds awesome)
      It's seems like it'd be more of a 'wow' thing. Then the end is just like 'WTF?!' lol
    11. michael_weiss
      cool...thats great man...yah...i actually had to go back to the drawing board on a few steps in the TnR cuz it felt akward..an wen u or sum1 performs...it shouldnt feel akward...an this other secret project(if all goes well) involes one soda can...and one with tk..ok..ok..it doesnt exist...jeeze..:)
    12. michael_weiss
      hey man...umm im tryin out the cherry control...workin an revising my TnR effect an writing notes for my next project...hehe...umm..also writing out some routines for a kids party im doin nxt month
    13. CaseyC
      Yeah same here with the memorization of the box. But it's nice to have there just in case you slip up.
      I really wanna try this on someone.

      Yeppers. Just replied.
    14. CaseyC
      Thanks. I felt so proud when I finished it.

      No problem. I just felt a need to organize all our scattered thoughts and ideas into a compilation. ;)
      Hope it helps un-clutter things.
    15. KatieKenner
      Thanks! So are you.
    16. CaseyC
      Haha not right now man I really have to go. Sounds like a pretty cool effect though.
      I spent all this time compiling and organizing the info and method for * into a nice neat looking PM.
      It's pretty sweet. Now you can clean out all those Pm's and save just this one (the one im going to send you now)
      You're welcome ;)
    17. ReapingDevil
    18. ReapingDevil
      Haha, i see.
      nothing really :] you?
    19. tally-ho
      yeah he's already banned.
    20. CaseyC
      Haha ok. Sounds good.
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