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    1. CaseyC
      Yeah. I could watch it over and over.

      I now know why people are so ecstatic over the method. So am I. lol
    2. CaseyC
      Awesome. One more high five. I feel very accomplished. I'm sure you do to. :P

      Yeah. It's really stunning. I mean the guy just starts painting splotches like randomly and then a minute later the're perfect angled shades for the 3d aspect of the planets. Talk about thinking ahead. lol

      Yeah. It feels so awesome to have the secret right in front of you. Now I know what others were referring to. And it's instantly repeatable if the specs deal the cards right. Just realized that.
    3. CaseyC
      Yep. Did the ***** work out for you? I just did a self test run and it worked beautifully.

      OMG. My jaw dropped when he lifted up the things for the planets. My all time fav vids.
    4. CaseyC
      S'all right. I figured it out. Let me finish it.
    5. Michael Kras
      Michael Kras
      I'm a HUGE mentalism guy, love it. Would love to talk!
    6. Jack Webster
      Jack Webster
      tomorrow wont work for me really I have my last track meet of the season thursday/friday works best for me
    7. Jack Webster
      Jack Webster
      sure but Im going to warn you ahead of time i am a noob at mentalism so I might not be the best help
    8. heavymetalholic
      his switch blade card stab is SIIIICK but the gimmick is wayyy to expensive =[
    9. Jack Webster
      Jack Webster
      sure want to skype about it soon
    10. CaseyC
      Well I've found that a sharpened pencil works best (obviously).
      Good luck
    11. CaseyC
      Well don't expect much. It's very simple.

      1. Get a stack of Post-It's
      2. Tell someone to draw a simple image on the pad and peel off the post-it. The writing should be impressed in the pad.
      3. Glance the impression as it goes to your pocket
      4. Reveal

      Haha. That's all I got. I'm sure you've played around with something similar.
    12. CaseyC
      Hmm. Well I don't have any experience in impression devices but I do have one idea that just comes from an accident
    13. CaseyC

      Well sure man, what is it?
    14. CaseyC
      Haha somehow I don't believe you. If it's an actual post feel free to show me. lololol

    15. CaseyC
      Well cool. The psychological suggestion stuff is amazing when it works
    16. CaseyC
      Haha I know. lol
      So the effect doesn't exist?
    17. CaseyC
      Haha I know. I didn't see it there before and then I checked it again.
      I saw you were modifying your sig and thought you had added the jbayme quote (lol)
      When I checked it again I saw you added the prediction. lol
      Almost got me.

      Nice idea though. I should try that on someone
    18. CaseyC
      Yeah it was actually. My cell is sitting right by my bed.

      Lol I just saw that. Nice
    19. CaseyC
    20. CaseyC
      The e was located at the end of the word
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