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    1. dbmagic4
      thanks! (Word count)
    2. CaseyC
      I know. Isn't it sick? "Your mind is the scene of the crime" :O

      Oh crap. I must see that movie. That site is mindblowing. I made the mistake of clicking the non- human version lololol
    3. CaseyC
      Watch it in fullscreen!!
      Haha sorry man I can't. Getting up at 7 tomorrow :'(
      We can chat sometime tomorrow maybe.
    4. CaseyC
      Yeah seriously. And summer next year Inception is coming out. Have you seen the trailer? It's looks INSANE
    5. CaseyC
      Yeah I almost saw Avatar. Really glad I saw Sherlock Holmes. It's so sick.
      I'll probably add District 9 to the Netflix queue and find someone that wants to see Avatar. Heard it's pretty awesome as well.
    6. CaseyC
      Thanks! It's one of the more satisfying purchases I've made in a long while.

      Oh nice. I keep meaning to see that. I hear it's pretty crazy. Speaking of movies, I saw Sherlock Holmes last night. It's so freaking good. Go see it. THE best movie I've seen this year.
    7. CaseyC
      Dude I got my package from Penguin a few days ago. Stealth Pen is AWESOME. I brought it with me to dinner the other day and did it about 3 times. The reactions are so hilarious, especially when you do the ripping phase. It's my new favorite pocket effect. So practical.

      Omni Deck is also pretty sweet. The edges actually look pretty realistic. Coming up with some cool closers with it.
    8. AsherF
      But it's in the pocket isn't it? Or at least that's what I hear. I guess I'll see shortly.
    9. AsherF
      What's your opinion of The Advocate? It's of the more intriguing that I'll be shortly getting with the book. Do, Im curious.
    10. AsherF
      Hope you enjoy it! Getting the Inside? or just Wrath?
    11. AsherF
      Wrath has a lot of potential. I just haven't really sat down with it to do the dirty work. It looks like it could be a killer effect done properly.
    12. AsherF
      I don't know yet, I'm still waiting for it to arrive. I only own Wrath and Burn. Can't wait to see the other stuff. and in a book! I love the fact that I can now have a book to study of his work.
    13. AsherF
      though, to narrow it down, I will never be caught dead doing a choreographed dance routine mid performance.
    14. AsherF
      very cool. I've only been in this for about a year and a half, working hard to get past the obstacles I've encountered along the way. So I'm still getting my feet wet in everything, trying to see where I fit. And where I don't fit and want to fit, I try to learn to fit. See what it takes to fit there, etc...
    15. AsherF
      I can not wait to get it. Should be starting my job up in january soooo this will be one of the first buys. among others. I can't wait. Trying to get more into that genre. It's hard to come by good material. At the same time trying to make my own character convincingly pull it off. It's a fun journey.

      What are sort of magic do you favor?
    16. AsherF
      It is, but it makes you realize whats important. Especially in magic even. When you don't have the money to continue spending on new effects all the time, it makes you take the buying process much more seriously. As well as truly putting the right amount of time and effort into what you have. It is mildly depressing not to be able to keep adding to my library... lol.

      Spin really seems like a good buy. Sconce has some great material. perform often?
    17. AsherF
      Trying to handle paying insurance being unemployed. :P. Studying this art pretty intensely, as well as other arts. Etc...

      How about you?
    18. CaseyC
      Haha. It's so simple but it's really funny.
    19. CaseyC
      Yeah all the time. It's great.

      Thanks, you too!
    20. CaseyC
      Dude me too! They're freaking hilarious. Love the piñata one lol.
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