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    1. michael_weiss
      well if u have any questions jus pm man...ttyl..nice chattin :D
    2. michael_weiss
      turn over the card showing there signature an as u turn it over to the back u will notice a piece of card there ....grib it along with palmed pieces an slowly peel away tape...an there it is in a nutshell...sorry if there is confusion with horizontal an vertical..can get confusing..lol
    3. michael_weiss
      ta da..first piece...now rotate the folded signed selection back to horizontal position....an now have spec take the one of the pieces of tape an stick the piece on the botom vertical an take one piece of card from your mouth an stick it to the tape...actually do this....an then last piece of tape to the top portion of the card an basically palm it an unfold the signed selection so it sticks to the blue tape....
    4. michael_weiss
      so in essence the folded card is rotated horizontal to vertical so it unfolds to ur right
    5. michael_weiss
      now the tricky part....2pieces are held in your mouth(indifferent cards) an 2 held in left hand...now a piece of tape is takin off the card box by spec an placed horizontial on folded spectators card....lol...also the folded card is rotated an held in left hand an piece of indiffrent card in left..so now as the 2 pieces are put together the indiffrent card is palmed an the folded card should unfold to ur right..
    6. michael_weiss
      yah...well lets finish lol
    7. michael_weiss
      i hate computer problems :(
    8. michael_weiss
      its sooo hard to write this out...lol
    9. michael_weiss
      now u in your hand u should have 3 indiffrent card corners an the folded up spec's card
    10. michael_weiss
      to recap u have the spec's card finger palmed and an indiffrent card being torn. Now you need to ditch one of the corners when pulling out tape or use misdirection(a subtlety i made is having the strips of tape on the card box.(note were using carpenters tape,blue stuff...lol)...let me know if u have any questions so far?
    11. michael_weiss
      Well ill go into the basics of the effect...2 different variations will be taught...a signed card taped and restorn and signed card that can be flashed after being torn into 4 pieces an restored. So basically there is a switch in the beginning sorta similar to a bill switch(without thumb tip..lol) as your folding the signed selection for an indiffrent card. Now as the switch is done its held in finger palmed, then u proceed to tear the card into 4 pieces(note the back of indiffrent card is facing spec)......
    12. michael_weiss
      well give me a second...this is going to be a little tricky to explain how this twisted TnR comes together..lol
    13. michael_weiss
      well thanks....its rough concept tho and im in the process of creating a pdf..so if ur interested in getting a copy im more than willing to. i love to hear your opion. the pdf will not be completed for a couple of months tho...but i can share with u what i have an any ideas u have that help in the process of the final concept..u will be credited in the pdf...cuz i have respect for u too man.
    14. michael_weiss
      my influences are basically everyone in the world that practices the art of astonishment...including you...other than that...Blaine...Copperfield....in a way Criss Angel and well my father too.
    15. michael_weiss
      but hey keeping my TnR on the down low if u dnt mind...its a concept ryte now..lol...im not going to sell it or anything but give back to the magic community...to close friends i can trust that wont rip it off..lol
    16. michael_weiss
      well thanks...im still working on the handling an breaking it down so its not too bulky with tape..lol...but yah i have another effect i created based on another idea...its an old concept..but i have performed it an it shocks pple at the end...(no pun intented)..:)
    17. michael_weiss
      well I do street magic mostly...its in my blood...i love the interactions and the bonds an friendships that are created...so i work mostly with cards...coins..or watever is available...lol....yah my TnR has a twist...it uses tape an appears that u basically tape the card together but at the end u peel off the tape to reveal there card fully restored.
    18. michael_weiss
      Just working on a TnR effect twisted with my crude humor..lol...but im also in the works of a couple of routines...
    19. michael_weiss
      Hey man...how are you doin...thanks for sending the friend request...~mike~
    20. Geraint2k2
      Yeah man, if you have any questions about the pdf before purchase then just shoot me a PM with your questions.
      If not, save up, and you can join the 100% joy factor of everyone who has bought it so far :D
      Cheers again for the add,

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