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    1. Bao Hoang
      Bao Hoang
      I like it :P thanks
    2. gared_Crawford
      Hey dude,
      I'd love to see a video of it. Let me know when you've made it. I don't have any new T&R's...just the old Bits n Pieces work...works great for me...I will never need another...but I'm always interested in what other people are working on.

      How have you been?

    3. aznofspades
      i saw it
      do you do any coin bends?

      haha you like the xmen movies too?
    4. aznofspades

      if im ever down there i'll hit you up

      you got any videos yourself?
    5. aznofspades
      i dont really like videoing effects
      cuz i do it for the spectators
      and i dont want them to be able to just see it on youtube
      if they want to see my magic
      they have to come up to me in person haha

      but i just put up those videos because
      i wanted to make sure i had everything down and get some feedback

      and the other one a friend put up so i decided to just show it
      sorry for the crappy quality lol

      ur from socal?
      im up by oakland
    6. aznofspades
      im into mostly cards
      trying to branch out
      i've got some coins tricks down, one really solid rope routine, and i'm currently trying to get tagged down

      you own it?

      Can you check the videos in my Signature and tell me what you think?
    7. aznofspades
      what kinda magic are you into?
    8. Jeremy C.
      Jeremy C.
      Haha Yo my birthday is february 5, 1994!
    9. Nikki
      thank you=]
    10. The Tumbleweed
      The Tumbleweed
      Hey you spotted it :D Those were back in the days when I was known as Tumbleweed. Also, the balloon picture was taken before Pressure was released. :)
    11. The Tumbleweed
      The Tumbleweed
      Haha, yeah I just spotted it a while ago. I'm just stating that Ellusionist is treating their customers as laymen, not magicians, or something like that.
    12. CaseyC
      Haha sure man. I'll try to help when ever if I can!
    13. CaseyC
      haha yeah totally
      Ive looked into it a little. I should do some more research on it. my first impression was that it's similar to Torn but definitely an improvement. i'm sure being familiar with Torn would make learning Rehab much easier. I don't particularly like the last phase of torn as i feel it's kind of the weakest in effect. I think the 1st and 2nd restorations in Torn are so much stronger.
      I make sure to read your review.
      no problem bro.
    14. CaseyC
      Lol no i didn't. I still don't know when or if I will. I've started to work on Torn again and it's working so much better with angles and stuff. I might purchase it later when I've got time this upcoming break.
      Cool. That effect sounds really cool. I'll watch for the review.
      Sure I'll check it out soon. Lots of catching up to do around here even though I haven't been on for only like a day. lol
    15. CaseyC
      Sweet. That's what seemed so versatile about it; that you can adapt different parts to other T&R's and are not limited to the given routine. The price is great too. Hopefully I'll be getting this soon.
      Thanks man.
    16. CaseyC
      Awesome. One last question. Do you think you will use this or ideas from this in a regular performance situation?
    17. CaseyC
      Alright cool. Sounds simple enough....and justified.
      How's the set up for the creases? Do you need anything other than a deck?

      thanks for answering all my questions btw
    18. CaseyC
      Well that's good to here it's not similar. I definitely didn't want to buy it and find out they had similar techniques. Yeah I read your review a few days ago. Very helpful. The only thing I'm wondering about is the clean up. Is there clean up? Any clothing restrictions for it?
      I'd love to here some pointers.
    19. CaseyC
      The only other tnr I know is DG's TORN. I don't use it too often and would love to have a practical tnr that i will actually use.
    20. CaseyC
      Sup. I'm thinking about Impromptorn. Still kind of on the fence about it. What do you think about it?
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