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  • hm what? no offense but you have always acted like anything u assume is right. Think again jordan it is possible that what your thinking is wrong.
    Oh okay well that's good lol.

    Yeah it's really strange. Today there were some times where it was ominously quiet and slightly windy and dark. Like the eye of a hurricane. Crazy
    Yeah I mean, from what I've heard it's not really that difficult it's just the fact we have to take it haha.
    Yes it should. And the confused weather should stop here. It was all windy this morning, ridiculously sunny during the day, and then it started pouring when I was walking home lol. Now it's sunny again haha.
    Yeah seriously. But the world would be SOO messed up if everyone had the power to do that. Just think about it (political corruption for one). Yikes.
    Yeah I'm getting really burned out. I have to take the CAHSEE in a couple weeks and finish up all these projects basically every teacher has assigned me. Spring break needs to arrive sooner...
    Haha well whatever lol.
    Yes. I hate that because if it's an argument or something, I always think of THE BEST comebacks and/or counter-arguments.
    Alright cool! Look forward to it.
    Maybe another time. I'm tying to finish up some stray hw I didn't finish for tomorrow. UGH school is such a *****
    Haha na guess I meant (most) of the names, not necessarily the people lol.
    Omg don't you hate situations like that? Because now you want to go back haha.
    Nice! I love ACAAN's. They're awesome.
    We all were when we joined haha. Thanks man. It was an awesome trip. Just wished it lasted longer lol
    Haha yeah the other stuff was getting old and sounded kinda stupid lol. I also added some pics from my trip if you wanna check em out.
    You did Jordan. I wasn't sure from u though if you lost your passion and that is the question you never could answer me. I for one have lost my passion for magic.

    nope. 16. i lied about myt age cause i thought you had to be ieghteen to join the fprums.
    I think I´ll send again...it´s 3 images, but they are big, I will send 3 separte each one with one image
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