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  • Yeah I think it may be some time before I get my download too. But yeah, I'm just completely shocked right now. I don't get it....it's just in the balloon....the neck stays in full view...and you see it in his hand....just....omg.
    This is so cool to be fooled like this. I'm savoring the feeling.
    Pressure looks insane. Haven't been this fooled by an effect in a very long time. It's awesome!!!
    Later. Just finished typing my True Astonishments review. (Check it out.) Now I gotta go get some work done. =P

    Cool. Good to hear. The original looked really great and i'm sure with some refinements it's going to look amazing, if it doesn't already.
    I take great pride in that. ;) And now that you wrote on my page I just realized I forgot to get back to you with that feedback and I feel very very bad now.... I really hope I still have that PM saved so I can get back to you in a bit. =P Haha, my bad. ;)

    No prob. I actually like the user profile image a little more but both are really cool.
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