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  • Thanks. I am happy to hear it! Best wishes and look forward to the next effect. I LOVE it.
    Kioku is really worth it. It takes a little memory work, but once you've got it down, it's easy and you can focus on presentation. It is perfect for walk around, if you're not rushed. It'll take a good 2-3 minutes to perform, 5 if you want to include cold reading.
    Yep. That's exactly it. And the closer it gets to "absolutely impossible" the closer people borderline on believing.
    Haha, nah man, I can't. I only half own it if that makes sense. I split the money with a friend. Anyway, you wouldn't want it. It's good if you like sitting in your room, placticing unnecessary moves for hours on end, but if you want truly quality magic, you won't find any in there.
    Yeah entertainment is a great way to describe it. That's exactly why people enjoy it. It's a form of entertainment that most people don't know much about and that people can appreciate when they see it.

    Yeah, I think the ULTIMATE goal would be to convince them that it's actually real. Most of the time, that's just (ironically) impossible lol. The second best thing is to get them to believe you are doing the impossible which, most of the time, is what ends up happening if the performance is strong enough.
    Yeah, I mean the more people have seen magic, the more they know what to look for. I think the majority of people do not think that the magic we perform is actually real. There's a difference between completely fooling the crap out of people and full-on belief. You can sometimes get that real belief with either children or by performing really, really emotional, powerful magic and/or crazy, freaky **** lol.
    The other side to this is that many spectators can recognize it is not real magic but still appreciate the feeling it evokes in them ( my favorite type of spectator). When I first saw magic for the first time I didn't really believe what I was seeing was real magic. Instead, I was feeling the amazement of the unknown (sounds cheesy I know lol).
    Also, I think part of the family thing is that some people just get tired of it. I know exactly how that is. I think we all do. lol
    hmm..im suprised..but anywho tokbox is a free online webchat.....you sign up..add some friends and chat via webcam or instant message...lol
    Oh alright that makes sense.

    Sounds awesome. I guess I'll have to wait and see what the full effect is to fully understand what you're talking about.
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