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    How do you recover from messing up a trick?

    Hi Syd, In my humble opinion, messing up a trick comes in two forms: messing up for yourself, and messing up for the spectator. Let me explain the difference based on my experience. Messing up for yourself basically, means you realize mid-performance that you have placed the card in a...
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    Memorized Deck Glimpses and Estimations

    Hi everyone. I am a new memdeck student and I am working through Mnemonica. I am enjoying it so far, but frustration has started to creep up on me. I pray that you guys can help me on this. Many of the effects, especially the direct and quickie effects require estimations and glimpses to...
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    Mnemonica help

    Hi Daniel, I am a new Mnemonica user as well. So new in fact that I am still 2 weeks in reading through each effect in the book. As for the stack, I have memorized the deck fairly well enough to perform some of the earlier effects. As for my tip on memorizing, I used Joshua Jay's suggestion...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Guess The Artisans!

    Black: 4 of hearts White: 9 of Spades Black: 6 of clubs White: Jack of Diamonds
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    Saturday Night Contest - Inside The Magic Box

    PROLOGUE: My first exposure to magic was on the television screen around when I was 10 years old, when the David Blaine specials came out. We all know that he revolutionized magic performing it in the streets. And the times of Mondo Magic, by Chris Korn and JB Benn. I was fascinated by this...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Out of Your Mind

    Red Red Red Red Black Black
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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable with Spidey

    In your previous releases you mentioned that your passion is combining Psychology and Attraction with your own brand of Magic to create something entirely revolutionary to contribute to our community. In this modern world, does advancements in technology and psychological studies affect the way...
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    Cardistry Showdown - Zach vs. Mario and Krist

    Thanks William. I appreciate the criticism, and it gave me some new insight and ideas on the VS concept I'm struggling to create. It worked for my previous video, which caught fire until now, so I thought the same concept will work in cardistry. I'll take note of what you told me, and work...
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    Cardistry Showdown - Zach vs. Mario and Krist

    Here's a short video that I wanted to try out with the elites in cardistry. A showdown between Zach, and two Filipino flourishers (me included and being the Underdog), hope you like it.
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    ACAAN - Your favourite version/Best version

    CAANDY is a good ACAAN effect, and well, it plays with a different method than what is usually presented in this thread, but yeah, if your up for it, why not...Hope this helps.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Twist of Fate

    5's spades, hearts, clubs diamonds
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    Saturday Night Contest - Fact or Fiction (Dimitri)

    1.False 2.False 3.True 4.True 5.False 6.True 7.True 8.True 9.True 10.False 11.True
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    Saturday Night Contest - Your Deck Trailer

    Here's my entry. Good luck everyone, and most importantly, I hope you enjoy my video :-)
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    The Wire: Mode of Payment

    Hi guys, I just want to ask something for those who had some effects up in the Wire. What is the mode of payment in the Wire? I mean, how do you guys get paid online? Paypal? Remittance? or what other method? I just wanna clarify this bit of information because I'm planning to put up an...
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