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  1. KaanTricks

    Saturday Night Contest - MC2 x 2014

    finally i am done with the video and can share it with you. enjoy it :)
  2. KaanTricks

    Saturday Night Contest - Ice Cold Conjuring

    here is my entry: hope you enjoy it :)
  3. KaanTricks

    Saturday Night Contest - Cards With Water

    My entry:
  4. KaanTricks

    Saturday Night Contest - Happy Birthday Andrei

    I tried to make a cake with a single card - happy birthday :)
  5. KaanTricks

    Best DVD with Gimmick

    first of all thank you very much. i'm looking for visual effects like Tool, WOW 2.0 etc. I'm pretty sure that someone has an effect that will really amaze me.;)
  6. KaanTricks

    Best DVD with Gimmick

    Hi theory11 members, I've been searching for a Card Trick DVD with Gimmick included, for several weeks now. Since I couldn't find a trick I wanted to ask you if you know a trick that you can recommend me? Please don't post tricks like "Regeneration": of course it's a great trick but you...
  7. KaanTricks

    Saturday Night Contest - The Impossible Location

    here's my entry : enjoy it ;D
  8. KaanTricks

    What do you think

    closed. i thank everyone who told me their opinions. i will think about them.:) and don't for get that i just asked you to tell me what you think of the effect. i didn't tell you to look at my channel or i didn't ask you if i should show you my face or not, because that's the way i want it...
  9. KaanTricks

    Saturday Night Contest - The Coin Toss

    heads tails tails tails heads
  10. KaanTricks

    Saturday Night Contest - Holiday Magic 2012
  11. KaanTricks

    Saturday Night Contest - Time to Race

  12. KaanTricks

    Saturday Night Contest - Fool Us + Mathieu Bich

    here is my entry... please enjoy...
  13. KaanTricks

    Saturday Night Contest - Election 2012 Prediction

    Obama: 307 Romney: 231 Obama: 291 Romney:247
  14. KaanTricks

    Saturday Night Roundtable - Steve Cohen Decoded

    i have just one question: we've read that your shows in NewYork are always sold out... and my question is why....? i don't think that the people who visit the show know you...maybe some of them but not all of them... is the reason for that that people like magic or is there a different reason...
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