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  • I'm pulling my hair out in that I no longer own a copy of Bobo but am in hope that you may know the name and reference effect for a specific coin move. . .

    The move was usually employed for making a ditch. . . the performer flicked the coin into the fold of the opposite arm, which could then lap the coin as you recline back. An earlier variant was to act as if you were picking up the coin and actually flip it back towards you, allowing it to fall off the edge of the table into your lap.

    If you don't know please pass on the question to someone you may know that has this kind of working knowledge, I need to put a name & credits to it for a book I'm trying to get finished up.

    ...I just accidentally posted this on my own profile...Whatever.

    No, the SAM meetings at La Madeline are on the first Thursdays of each month, which would have been the 3rd. Unfortunately, people in Texas can't handle half an inch of snow and some below-freezing weather, so we had no meeting. And I know that the IBM meetings are no longer held at the Shrine, so you'll have to talk to someone else if you want to attend those.
    Yeah, B. drew me a duck with large, hairy balls. And Justin thought the idea of asking magicians to draw ducks was just about the coolest thing he'd ever heard. I love how every magician I ask says "...I don't know how to draw a duck..." And I get to respond with "That's OK, neither did Jeff McBride."
    Hey, have you seen that Andrew Mayne is doing a Texas lecture tour? Hopefully we can get him out near us. I would love a duck drawn by him.
    Yes, thank-you!!! I should of just purchased it there but, I was kind of skeptical with having to pay 45.00 and not receive it that night. Appreciate it
    Sorry to bug you with this I was at the San Antonio lecture as well and have a question. What was the name of the deck he used was it a mindbender or mind blaster deck?
    Happy Birthday even if I don't now you but Have a good one
    Let them suffer a bit, i love how people don't think things through when someone else already did it. You put effort into it others use that to take the quotes meaning higher using only the knowledge you offered. I'm going to hit them with your quote and a Tim Minchin quote tomorrow, I want to see how long it takes for it to either be a good talk or another spam thread.

    Thanks for making this thing work, now to see what amusing anwsers come from this.

    PS. I visited my schools shrink today, awesome dude gave an idea to not spen 2 hours on an essay that has the purpouse to help people but rather let those who want to learn figure it out for themselves. I hope it works. :)

    Thank you for the feedback, didn't actually know that Twain was a racist.
    But a bit of insight on the post you did, im looking for the magical answer of the less you talk about what you do while you perform the better you are in the eyes of people. Since people want to figure out stuff theirselves, its like a small funny video clip. Lets assume the clip shows how stupid a politician is, lets take Bush, if you were to name the clip Bush is Stupid then people would not watch it because everyone thinks that he is, but when you name it Politician is Stupid and have 30 seconds of air time, then 20 seconds of the clip should be the timeframe where people should see that the guy is Bush and they will instantly react. Ive taken a step to not explain what mentalism is but just do it and let people figure it out for themselves. Thus this quote is good, the more you talk about who you supposedly should be then the less interested people would be.

    Ha ha thanks.
    I was one of the first who waited for this website to open, Very exciting stuff.
    It's cool to see the community has grown.
    I've been so busy with work i just barely get on.
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