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  • Yes there is. This Thursday (the 7th) at 7:30 at La Madeleine
    Restaurant at 722 NW Loop 410.
    You thinking about coming?
    Hey, thanks mate! :)
    Yeah, now i can do mentalism better :), 15 seems so little but 16 is a more respective age.
    hey man, did you hear David Blaine was in town today? He was doing a book signing at Barnes & Noble. But when I got the e-mail, it was 15 minutes after he left... :(
    by action and not "letting things happen" is what changes the world.
    Through brute force steerpike made change here if for a little while. but the peoples lack of ambition and stupidity made him leave.
    You tell me to better myself. Thats the damn point im trying to make. I say what i say for people to better themselves. To stop wallowing in mediocrity.
    and btw Like I said before,its not about ones own goals.Its about everyones. Just like in high school,the shy quiet girl who reads manga or doesnt speak to anyone and wears clothes that shows she is afraid.Hoping she blends in to the walls. I helped them become who they really want to be.Their ideal selfs. Sometimes they hated me because I had to tell them that they are weak.And to stop running away. But through that hate,much like here,they grew. They became who they wanted to be.Their ideal selfs and thanked me and went on their way. Much like randy who despised me telling everyone to put the damn cards down and do something interesting for once. Though he exceeded my suggestion and put down cards all together. But no he is a far better magician(mentalist now) than before because I urged him to be more.Admittedly it was because he felt secure and safe in cards. That fear again.
    You should add Event Horizon to your list.

    Oh, and [REC] (Spanish version) or Quarantine (English version) of a great Cloverfeild/Blair Witch Project genre ;)

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