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    Forum Avatar Pictures

    Ditto, I just used gimp or pixlr to crop an avi.
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    Water Changing Magic Trick

    I turn water into tea every morning.
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    Learned Pig Project.

    Learned pig project has moved to and is available to magicians still.
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    Halloween Magic

    Bloody without blood In this situation I would take the effects that I know and do research on local and urban legends and apply it to the effects. A glorpy can be pretty unsettling with proper presentation.
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    Geek magic for Halloween

    Ahh, awesome! I'll have to see about getting this book and place it next to my Swami Mantra :p Thanks for the help!
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    Geek magic for Halloween

    Christopher, I've not heard of that book before. Could you maybe give a brief review of it?
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    Need advice please

    The Man Behind The Tools Makes Things Last Just gonna say, Craig already gave a terrific answer to the original poster's question. Let me just say this, I knew a guy who considered himself a carpenter. He bought the most expensive tools and the best wood money could buy him. He built...
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    Basically to give a TL;DR, practice makes perfect.
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    Geek magic for Halloween

    Keep It At Magic Ehehe ehehe hee, if obvious nervous laugh wasn't obvious enough----that was a nervous laugh. Human Blockhead is a stunt and should be kept in that category. Geek Magic is doing something odd or even shocking by means of deceptive methods, human blockhead does neither and can be...
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    Water to Coca-Cola transformation

    I often turn water into cola, in fact practically every other day. Though the practicality of hiding a Sodastream up the sleeve with a messy packet of syrup might not be for everyone. :) Though I seem to remember a candy that you'd dump into water and create a soda like drink. Good luck and go...
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    Penn and Teller Revealing Magic?

    I think my sarcasm was missed, guess I didn't go over the top enough. "Why can't that person make money off of how that effect works since Penn and Teller make money on telling other how effects work?" That is broken logic bar none. Teller sued a magician who created a very similar effect...
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    Penn and Teller Revealing Magic?

    Magicians are hilarious, always attempting to violently guard and debate over secrets behind a door. Unfortunately they forget that door is not locked and anyone can go to the door and turn the handle. Also lets all chastize David Copperfeild For being the Founder of Magic is Medicine and all...
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    Weekly Magic Failure?

    I found the Weekly Magic Failure Blog through Bizarro's Blog a few years back. I found the opinions expressed on these styles of magic blogs to be entertaining, mostly because I do believe that some performers and professionals do need to be held at a higher standards. Yes they are performing...
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    If you have Linking cigarettes by Akira Fuji

    Just saying the mechanics are the same as the linking match sticks taught in every other magic book, party trick, and bar stunt related media. Nothing new here and not worth telling others that references needs to be addressed. Edit: After finally able to see the video, the effects from a...
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    Hi! Please help me with this Haunted deck question

    Hello hello. You could use Yigal's method or really any method taught in any DVD concerning IET, etc. but if you want to re-create what you're talking about I'm going to suggest Spooked by Nicolas Einhorn.
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