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    Creating a Show

    Wow... love the idea of a spooky magic show
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    Magicians Who Cross The Line

    First of all, there are magicians who like to be "philosophical", seem smart type, who say things like, they are trying to blur the line between illusion and reality or something like that... And there are magicians who sometimes say they have powers as sort of a prank or social experiment or...
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    These Card Tricks

    Hey guys. So, there are 2 David Blaine card tricks that I kind of want the "inside info" about... I perform these from time to time, and see a lot of people do it online too... But I want to know the history and variations... The first one is... David Blaine's version of a classic trick, the...
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    How Well Guarded Are Top Secrets

    Well considering the fact that David Copperfield's flying illusion and sawing in half illusion can be found on wikipedia, it isn't hard to imagine why some think that way... That being said, can you expand a little? What do you mean? Don't magicians publish their effects somewhere? I mean, maybe...
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    How Well Guarded Are Top Secrets

    I am wondering, how closely guarded are some of top magic secrets? Are magicians VERY reluctant to publish the methods/reveal them? How different are they from stuff that is already freely available? Thank you
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    Can Someone Tell Me

    Yup... I think you are right... The first one at least!
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    Can Someone Tell Me

    So, I see many magicians, particularly David Blaine using some beautiful decks. Unfortunately, sometimes I do not know what they are... I will post videos at the time they are most seen... Can someone tell me what these decks are called. Thanks 1) 2)
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    Weird problem

    Yes... My bike cards, which are supposed to be normal size (they are bought in regular stores) seem normal. But I see on the internet that other bikes look bigger in people's hands... how big are bikes supposed to be?
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    Weird problem

    Yeah... there is a problem... My standard bike decks... sometimes seem smaller compared to bikes I see used on the internet... How big are bikes supposed to be?
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    Weird problem

    So... until couple of months ago, I usually used dollar store decks that were tiny and not really known and stuff... But later, I got more particular... so I bought several bicycle decks. I live in Canada by the way. So, it looks good, says poker on the box (I assumed it meant poker size), and...
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    What deck do you like to perform with? Why?

    What do you think about the artifice deck?
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    What deck do you like to perform with? Why?

    What deck do you perform with and why?
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    What's up with this?

    I hear magicians say that they do not perform for kid's shows or that performing for kids is different... I don't get it. Why? Unles your routine is CRAZY complex, there is no reason why kid's show would be different from an adult show. In fact, kids probably like it more. What's up with this trend?
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    How much do magicians usually earn performing? How much do you earn?

    So, I know, this is a tough subject to talk about. Mainly because it really depends on a lot of things. But, I, and I think many of the users here, would like to know how much do magicians, regular closeup magicians or street magicians (I am not talking about Lance Burton, I know he has a ton of...
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    Do you prefer performing magic sitting or standing?

    I perform for my family members mostly, so sitting at the table kind of gives me more intimacy (not in a weird way lol) and lets me know they pay more attention. I can definitely handle many card tricks standing up, especially if surrounded by spectators. But for some reason, sitting at the...
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