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    Seconds and Bottoms

    That was great and very inspirational!
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    Do magician's ever have a poker night where anyone who comes is supposed to cheat?

    And I think anyone would be a fool to underestimate Mr. Madison!
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    My New ace production video: Ace Factory

    I honestly liked that alot. The last two productions could easily be used in other sandwich effects! Good job!
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    Deck of the Decade

    So the fact that a deck is now hard to find makes it the deck of the decade in your opinion is just strange! I nominate Split Spades because the are just awesome!
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    Do you carry cards everywhere?

    To everyone who carries cards everywhere, I would recommend you to buy a porper card clip!
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    How much do you charge?

    Prae I dont think he means how much he should charge or a what's a reasonable price. I think he wants to know what we charge. I charge something in between 175-350 $, it depends on what type of show it is. I've been in magic for about 2 years.
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    Joe Porper Clip

    I have the regular sized and I use it all the time! It's perfect if you need to straigthen cards out after you burned them.
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    Building vanish exposed!

    That is how they do it!
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    Hand care: What do we do to take care of our hands?

    I sooo agree with you! I work my hands hard too and I'm not afraid to use them. To the ones with sweaty hands, you should wash them with dishwasher soap. It really gets and keeps them dry!
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    Classic Pass HELP!

    I would check out Jason Englands Classic pass!
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    Most likely the most deceptive false shuffle...EVER

    Thank you! I just found it, It's really not me. Sometimes youtube exposure can be good! I know I'll sleep good tonight!
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    Most likely the most deceptive false shuffle...EVER

    AWESOME! I just found out! Here's the basic method! Enjoy!
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    Riffle Stacking

    Isn't there a section on riffle stacking in Expert at the card table??
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    Chris Kenner, Rudy Coby and T11 LIVE at the Castle!

    Thank you zach! Some of those pictures were awesome! Looks like everyone had a blast!!!
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