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    Continuing Magic

    I've heard that argument before, but nobody ever seems to have concrete examples that aren't massively subjective. The only major criticism of Youtube I even remotely agree with is that a lot of the teaching is very "move" oriented, but even then you could make a solid argument that moves are...
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    Continuing Magic

    Woth the way the youtube algorithm works thats not really true anymore since the more established and reputable people dominate the search results. The only time I've foubd really bad stuff in the past few years is by searching for specific products/tricks, and even then the better stuff is...
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    Continuing Magic

    Some of the older stuff like Expert at the Card Table, Royal Road, Expert Card Technique is definitely available in e-book format. But one thing about magic books is that you generally will only find very basic ones in normal book shops, try local magic shops or online ones that ship...
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    Magic Movies

    My personal favorite is Ansiktet (also released as the Magician) by Ingmar Bergman. Older and kind of hard to find, but absolutely fantastic. Second favorite is the Illusionist for the plot and the fact that it uses real period magic (albeit the orange tree is presented in sort of a...
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    Ellusionist's how to read minds kit

    Everything in it is practical, how fooling it is comes down to you. Mentalism, more than any other branch of magic, is all in the performance.
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    Books/Resources on Trick Decks?

    I second encyclopedia of card tricks as a great general reference and it has sections on all of the classic trick decks.
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    Any advice on where to start would be appreciated.

    I strongly suggest against doing restaurant work for free, that makes you "the guy who works for free" and makes it more likely that you will get stiffed down the road. If you want to work for free I'd suggest doing charity work/benefits or street performing, don't ever do free work for...
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    Spectator names a joker

    Yeah, and pretty much everything I do that gives the spectator a legit, non-random free choice can be done with the joker and I always leave mine in so I just go with it.
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    Make your own Gaff cards or buy ready made?

    I've done both, TBH for things like DB/DF cards I'd much rather buy them and would only ever make them if I was using a fully custom deck, because making ones up to my standards (i.e that are at least extremely close to standard thickness) is a massive pain and decks with those (plus other...
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    Shuffle speed and variant control speeds.

    It really just depends on how much time you want to devote to false shuffles. The important thing is that it looks consistent and natural.
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    Unpopular Opinion: Stage Magic is Harder Than Close Up

    It sounds like you are doing a closeup show on stage, you can't even pay the lighting and sound crew for a stage show with $600.
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    Unpopular Opinion: Stage Magic is Harder Than Close Up

    I don't think so unless you like, fundamentally changed society. The barrier for entry into stage magic is quite high, which is a big part of why there have never been as many people doing it, and most of the people who do started out doing close up and got lucky.
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    Unpopular Opinion: Stage Magic is Harder Than Close Up

    Yeah but you also have to account for the fact that most magicians never get the kind of initial investment it takes to be a decent stage act. As for your general point, close up certainly takes more pure skill than stage magic, and all of the pressure is on the magician. Stage magic is more...
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    My rights or My Morals?

    It's worth pointing out that methods generally can't be copyrighted (some can be patented but you actually have to file a patent to get that sort of protection). Books and videos do of course fall under copyright, and routines can sometimes be copyrighted, but that does get kind of tricky.
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    My rights or My Morals?

    That's sort of like saying scales are only a small portion of what makes music musical, it's true, but scales are still a major fundamental part of it.
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