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    Aladdin Deck Review

    Stock For those who like the Aladdin stock, might I recommend taking a look at Aviators and Rite-Aid brand "Poker Playing Cards"... Aviators have a so-so Ace, and boring Jokers. Rite-Aid has an Aristocrat-like Ace, with Jester-head Jokers. Both (in my opinion) have that snappy quality...
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    Show Off 3 Brian Tudor?

    Just got it... I just got the DVD. I dug it. Its got some amazing feats of cardistry in there, and his skills are just awesome to behold. I found his casual patter funny. As for learning from it, its not that bad. You just use the DVD player's slow-mo features, and work it. Its still...
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    Your first flourish?

    1st Flourish Mine was Static. Took me a couple of weeks to get it at the speed I wanted to do it at. John
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    S&M with no DDs on - Take a look!

    ... Hey man, no sweat off my back. There's tons of people contributing to all sorts of things everyday. If you want to sit back and negatively comment on how you'd do better behind the veil of anonymity, but not actually do anything or create anything, that's you. I wish you a glorious life...
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    S&M with no DDs on - Take a look!

    ... Look here son, I'm not a fanboy. And my post makes about as much sense and positive growth as the gripers. Pick up on the example. And I do believe it mentions USPCC on the Ace of Spades. Its amazing how people who will do nothing but complain and make negative comments, are suddenly so...
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    S&M with no DDs on - Take a look!

    Uhhh... Yeah! Totally! And that's why I hate Bikes! It says Bicycle right on the front of the deck! I mean, what if someone says "Hey, why does your box say Bicycle on front? They're cards, not bicycles! Duh!" And what egomaniacs, it mentions all over the box its from the US Playing Card...
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    What cards?

    agree... I agree. Get 2 packs of each, if money is a concern. And you know what? Your preferences may change depending on what you're doing. My favorites (in no particular order because they do change) are: Ghosts, Master's, 1800's, Centurions, Guardians, Aladdins, Absoluts, and just...
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    Any Suggestions on my Jeff McBride Card Manipulaton routine?

    ... Gotta admit, what trashmanf said would be useful. Constructive criticism might help to shore up any shortcomings before a performance to ensure you really deliver the goods. Sometimes, when we demo our tricks for friends/family, they're a little too "nice" on how well we perform. They...
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    Any Suggestions on my Jeff McBride Card Manipulaton routine?

    Hmmm... Or he realizes that its quicker to post a question, than to film, edit, post a video, and then ask the question... Or he doesn't own a video camera. Either way, assumptions on skill level seem premature, especially if its based only on the fact that someone hasn't posted any vids...
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    1-on-1 : Commercial

    Hmmm... Isn't disclosure of the method, exposure? Its certainly not good for the business model. John
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    Stack If you stack them next to a pack of normal bikes, you can also see its thicker. John
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    The Triple Shuffle

    Hmmm... I'd say 5 dollars for: 1) Payment to a FREE magic website 2) Payment to the webdeveloper and personnel who keep the site running 3) Payment to the domain host for the traffic of the website 4) Payment for the server to hold the videos 5) Payment to the magician who shared something...
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    Centurions... Thicker, fan nicer, smoother, heavier. I like 'em alot. My favorite decks tend to be (in no order, as my tastes change): Centurions and Guardians Ghosts and Masters Aladdin's and Absolut's I dig the feeling of something with substance when I'm handling the cards. John
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    1-on-1 // Blueprint By :: Chris Kenner

    Disagree I like JP's Static. I use it constantly. It's a good false-cut to learn for people new to flourishing. I will also probably be picking up his Ace Cut method soon. You can never appeal to EVERYONE. People who do usually end up making something that nobody likes. John PS: Sorry...
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    How old are you?

    Hmmm... The poll however does explain why spending 5 bucks on a deck of cards is suddenly a huge decision... So I'm second oldest now. :( Old, and I'm not even leading the pack. Blah! John = 37 years of immaturity and counting
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