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    Saturday Night Contest - The Lucky Magic Lotto

    The Jack of Diamonds Lets see if im right :p :cool: :D:D
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    How much do you offer for gigs?

    I live in the United States, in California! :)
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    How much do you offer for gigs?

    I am doing a walkaround gig and want to charge about 40$ per hour...I have my effects all ready and have been practicing them for months now. I will probably perform about 3-4 hours, maybe a bit more... Do you think this is reasonable? :)
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    How much do you offer for gigs?

    I was wondering how much you offer for gigs? I was thinking about doing one , but I want to know a reasonable price. :p
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    Saturday Night Contest - 52 + YOU - Photography Challenge

    i would enter but i dont have a camera.:cool:
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    Impromptu Haunted Deck

    a little obvious, but nice:D Cool
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    Greed in Britain?

    I like this trick.:D
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    Credit Card Safety

    Ths placee is very safe.;)
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    Closing "Portal"

    Im goingg to say that ths looks a little more fishy and i can imagine it in my haed, nice idea, but a little to strane looking 4 spectaator.:D
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    DIGITAL CONVICTION | robert smith

    I perfomed this for my firneds and family at a recentt party and they wit nuts, thank u for this revieww really helped me.:D
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    WINDOW by David Stone - AWESOME

    I don't like this trick. Very visual, but I don't think it a card throug window effect. :D:p
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    Nice little transpo

    Nice, I like it. :D:p
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    Hovercard - Dan Harlan

    I realy like this one. :D
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