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    Great, thanks!
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    Hello, Are refills available for this yet? If so can someone provide a link? I have purchased this effect in the past and do not see the option to purchase refills. LamontMcgee
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    Deck Display

    Great, thanks!
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    Deck Display

    Does anyone have any idea when this will be back in stock?
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    Booked by Steve Valentine Performance

    Hello, Are there any mentalist here that can watch and critique my performance? I'm performing Booked by Steve Valentine, but I've also incorporated some of the techniques mentioned in Banachek's first Psychological Subtleties book. Is the performance too long? Are there things I should add...
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    quick question

    Both the Spider Pen and Tarantula are ITRs, but the Spider Pen can hide in plain site because it is disguised as a pen, while The Tarantula is designed to be hidden. I've also heard it's easier to levitate objects at a further distance with the Spider Pen than with the Tarantula. Loops are just...
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    5 Ways You're Boring Your Audience to Tears

    Great read! I completely agree with the things listed here. When I was younger I used to have a problem with "Say-Do-See". My problem was mainly because I never planned patter before hand.
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    For the mentalists here, I'd like your opinion.

    I use Spidey's SneakPeek. It can be purchased from this site.
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    I get a lovely female spectator to hug me!

    Great job! The audience definitely seemed to enjoy it as well!
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    I want a thumb tip

    Hmmm I do not really understand what you mean by "it doesn't stay on my nail". The TT should stop at your first knuckle.
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    The First Grand Illusion I Ever Invented

    There is something wrong with the video. However, the part of the video that is working is very dark.
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    Need help with a stage routine

    Dismic they are only trying to help you. Throwing a show together last minute is never a good idea. If you are adamant on doing the show then it'll be best to stick with what you're use to doing. Toby's suggestion regarding the video projector is a great idea.
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    In the spectator's hand magic

    How about simple things like sponge ball manipulation, 2 card Monte, or the 1 card Monte?
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    Banacheck PSI Series

    Thank you Craig! I will look into all of the books you've mentioned!
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    Banacheck PSI Series

    Muscle Reading has always interested me, so I will definitely look more into it! I'll more than likely end up buying The entire book set, 1-3 of the PSI DVD set and the Psychophysiological Thought Reading book you mentioned.
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