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theory11 artist, from Eugene, Oregon

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Dec 6, 2012
    1. I_KnowMagic
      Thank's for the advise Lee! I will definetly put it to good use!
    2. I_KnowMagic
      Seeing that you are happy giving advice, I would like to ask you for some. I always am thinking about making new tricks. However, they are all always impossible, gimmicked tricks. How do you make impossible tricks a reality? What do you do? What is your process? Thanks in advance!
    3. TheCardMagician
      Hello. I just want to let you know that you have created some cool illusions. What would you say makes an effect "strong". Thanks in advance Lee.
    4. Donald C.
      Donald C.
      OMG! Mr.Asher I was at Magic on the Bach and I met your Dad. When I found it he was your dad it took me like 20 minutes to truly believe him!!!! I wish you were there thT WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME!!!!!!!
    5. KAL-EL
      Just wanted to say WHAT UP and hope you're having a great day.
    6. A 07 5P4D35
      A 07 5P4D35
      Thanks for the advice.
    7. Vincent_Dark
      Thanks Lee....glad you enjoyed it.
    8. A 07 5P4D35
      A 07 5P4D35
      Thanks for your advice. When i do come up with a new effect what should I do with it.
      1. Sell it.
      2. Don't sell it and just keep it to my self.
      3. Sell it when I get a couple years older.
    9. A 07 5P4D35
      A 07 5P4D35
      I want an idea that nobody has thought of before.
      I have been asking lots of people what do they want to see but they don't give me any ideas
      that havn't been done.
    10. A 07 5P4D35
      A 07 5P4D35
      Hey I need help coming up with a new effect could you help.
    11. cbols23
      Okay, thanks for the answer. Hope to see you at Grand Illusions soon.
    12. Magu Manu
      Magu Manu
      Im wordering the same thing as cbols23.
      Anyway, thanks for the add!!
    13. Glenn West
      Glenn West
      Hey Lee.

      How goes it?
      When we gonna get some more 1on1's from you? :P
    14. cbols23
      I am flattered for the add. May I ask why you have asked for the add? Do we really matter, or did you just pick random people out of the forums? =P
    15. Thomas Kwon
      Thomas Kwon
      Hey Lee, thank you for adding me!

    16. LBarnes
      Hey Lee, thanks for the add man, hope all is good =)

    17. Aris.SA
      Ok no problem man. I think I wont be affected at all, because english isnt the native language here in Venezuela, and I dont think that any **layman** will go and sign up on your witness email session and try to figure it out, so no problem for me ;)

      Talk to you soon too man, I'm waiting for the next witness idea/tip.

    18. Aris.SA
      Hey Lee nice Saturday Night Contest, it was fun :)..

      And nice idea, about the Witness email session, I received the first idea and its cool :)... Hey but I think that you should do like kinda a question to see if the people suscribing know the methos/own the DVD/know deuce bag.. Why? because there's always somebody that will join without owning it, and maybe knowing the method, so for me its not fair..

      Maybe you wont completely reveal it on the ideas, but you (other people) reveal at least a step, which is a very important one, in the idea $01..

      If you dont care, no problem man.. I just told you in case you didnt realize that


    19. Breen
      I will be there!
      My grandparents live near this place.
      Thanks for the information!
    20. Peatfinger
      Thanks Lee ... Will do :)
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    Eugene, Oregon
    Living the CardStar Lifestyle
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