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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  • hi lee it good for me i am working on some thing at this time to and when i have foud the old tapes of me doing some magic and some new thing then u might no y have not put some things on let. the last post that i have put on will help me with my magic or go off magic for good . u have help me a lot with things that no one has seen the light i have for magic.
    Whats up Lee?! hey i have this video of a trick i invented that im going to be submitting into theory11. i was wondering if you could critique it. if you want i can pm it to you. that would be awesome!
    Hey Lee, can't wait for the Nuggets :D Any clue as to the price yet? Everyone's on the edge of their seat. Might as well ask, are you coming to Australia anytime soon? I reckon the entire Theory11 team should come here :D These forums are like 50% Aussies anyway
    hi lee i look at the mike ammar vid it was fab to see what it like to that if i just put my mind to my hart and wight the things of magic i love to do. do i look for some who in magic or in the church? who be ok with this kind of work.
    so what do u get if + jr mind to magic of the the past well i do not no let it might be in a new film if can make one . so what do u like about an englishman in new york by wayne dobson the u + a riffle steal then u + technicolor find / created by steve reynolds/ form magic magazine october 2008 . o yes 1st you got to ask some to think of a card with looking at the pack 1st what do u think of that it might be good to do if u can do it!
    hey lee. thanks for the update i really apreciate it! looking forward to the jerrys and
    thanks for the sight. it looks good.
    hey lee! wheres the jerrys? or are you still doing the whole "pricing thing"

    ps: don't mean to sound rude if i do (just wondering)
    Just curious, I sent you an e-mail a LONG time ago and it was about being left-handed for cards and whatnot, so you may or may not (probably the latter) remember. Did you ever attempt to switch to holding the cards in your left hand? I was talking to Aaron Fisher about this, and wanted some more opinions, especially from someone who probably has contemplated what I'm currently debating over. Thanks, AK
    I really like it. My friend told me about it, so I figured I would join, get some advice on magic.
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