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    Just wondering if anyone knows whether the black centurions are ever coming back in stock? I really like them and want to refill my supply.
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    Wynn playing cards

    I have a deck of Brown wynn playing cards and really love the feel. However, I do not have the money to buy more BROWN wynn's. I was wondering if the red and blue wynn cards have the same feel as the brown's because I found them for about $3 a deck on amazon...
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    t11.bulletin - Special Event - Tonight at 11pm EST

    Stingers and TNR...those r my thoughts
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    Flurry Card Flourish

    That is so cool! A tutorial would be much appreciated!!
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    How many decks of cards do you own?

    15 between usable ones and collectible ones...
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    Download server down????

    I just bought Genesis V2 for download like 10 minutes ago and now when I go to download it, I get a "server is temporarily down." Now I am down to only 2 more accesses and am afraid to try again. Is this happening to anyone else.
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    New Releases Tonight at 11?

    Other than Genesis V2 what do you guys predict will be the other releases for tonight? Just wondering what other people are hoping for...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Record Breaking!

    Record Breaking...Most card shots in 1 minute!
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    Cardistry Websites

    Are there any cardistry websites that have video's and tutorials to user made stuff that you guys like to use? Kind of like unitedcardists or Kardistry?
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    the only one of that list being reprinted is the stingers :(
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    One Hand Goat Change

    that is awesome!!!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Something In The Air

    hmmm...really?? when I click on it it goes straight there... should b fixed...changed it from friends only viewing
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    Saturday Night Contest - Something In The Air
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    true true...
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