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    Selflessness - One Precursor to Apathy

    I agree, it would seem like a bad idea to overemphasize any one part of the relatively complex interaction that is a magic trick. (I haven't been around for a while, but I read this and also checked out the What Does Your Deck Say About You? essay, which is also a great read that goes...
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    Hey, thanks! (Sure, I'm the one who's almost two months late. Figures . . . .) Hope all is...

    Hey, thanks! (Sure, I'm the one who's almost two months late. Figures . . . .) Hope all is well at HQ.
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    Cartier by David Jade Help?

    Actually, you're getting great advice. If you know a trick but can't do it, then you don't actually know it. The responses haven't been bashing--they've been teaching. Sometimes you learn the most by not getting your question answered.
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    My Friend has Dug Himself Into a Hole

    S p e a k s l o w l y . I can guarantee that you speak faster than you think you do. Just slow down. It'll improve your performance, and your audience will thank you for it.
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    Magic as an Art and the way Laymen See it

    Countless, countless times. Yes, heckled, not just criticized. I have to disagree a bit with the predicate here (although I don't think I do with the conclusion), and painting is a great example. There are some people who are amazing technicians with paint. They produce complex and realistic...
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    Magic as an Art and the way Laymen See it

    Yes, and yes again. Self-conscious artists are phenomenally boring and unenlightening, pretty much no matter the medium. I really like the description of magic as an art for a simple reason: good art requires technical skills, but it also requires some certain unquantifiable aesthetic...
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    Dave Buck - Quitting Magic For Film School?

    Review: The Effect: mere days after watching him shuffled back into the middle of a deck, the spectator sees one twin disappear entirely with nothing but a wave. EXTREMELY visual. 5/5 The Method: it involves a bit of preparation--not impromptu. You also end dirty. It can also be a...
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    DVD Concept: 5-on-1

    That may be true for one-artist-one-handling DVDs, but I suspect it would be less true for a DVD that actually had five or so different handlings by five different artists. Sure, there will always be some monkey-see people who buy any DVD, but there's nothing that can be done about that. As long...
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    DVD Concept: 5-on-1

    This isn't quite a product review, nor is it a product question, but it is something that perhaps might become even more useful after some thoughtful input from folks here on the forums. One of the advantages that I see Theory 11 having over other sites is that its Artists are also good...
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    Dark Matter Levitation Promo

    I've actually never watched one of your videos. To be honest, I don't watch most of the videos posted here. But dude, come on: you do magic just so people will look at you and talk about you, regardless of what they're saying? And thus you triumph? The explanation reeks a bit of "I know you are...
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    Boycotting 2009 F.I.S.M

    And . . . *plop*. Hey Steerpike! Got an over/under on when the next "let's ban YouTube exposure" thread starts up?
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    Boycotting 2009 F.I.S.M

    The members of this forum might not go to FISM, but the Artists probably do. Some of them might even have material that was distributed or released at FISM. As unconvincing as I find the usual "'we' should do sumthing about xpozur!" (with the "we" in scare quotes) posts, this one is a little...
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    What do you think?

    I think what Morgician had to say is quite good, so I'm going to say more or less the same thing, but in a different key. Sometimes hearing the same thing from different people in different ways can help spark ideas. Consider that both identities are "you," no choice necessary. You are...
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    1-on-1 Question

    And you don't have to install a separate #$%^&*! bloatware viewer of some sort and #$%^&*! around with DRMs that end up forcing you to buy the DVD anyway because your videos are only watchable on a laptop that is two laptops in the past. Not that I have any personal experience with this. Or...
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    What do you think?

    At this point, though, we're moving into the part that is at the performer's discretion--it's tough to make blanket statements here. For some people, such a presentation will be practical; for most, though, it will not be. I'm not really rapping them either way, and your views seems fairly...
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