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    Mirage by Alex Geiser

    I think you need to give Alex a little more credit. This an amazing vanish and if you bought it, he does give a few ways to make the coin re-appear...and these reappearances are amazing, which all of them i haven't seen before. As Alex says on the dvd, Mirage is more of a formula than just...
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    Function 9 by Calen Morelli

    does suspended without the gimmick still seem me it does, opinions ?
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    Rising Card iPhone app - iOS4?

    been following this thread, i cant wait ! hurry up apple and approve the app !
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    t11.bulletin - New Site Launched + New Products

    i like it , looks alot neater and slick ! great work guys, im home. I noticed they paid attention to even the little details like adding new icons for Unicoin and the rest of the 1on1s
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    t11.bulletin - theory11 has a MASSIVE secret

    i really hope its DG projects and i remember awhile back a picture of a DG playing card on Daniel's Twitter, a Daniel Garcia deck would be awesome !
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    Vancouver Coin shop

    Hey guys, i will be flying over to Vancouver for a day or two and i really would appreciate it if you could tell me where i can find a coin shop to purchase Morgan Dollars or Walking Liberties. Thanks.
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    theory11.bulletin - 3 Secrets - 1 Event :: TONIGHT at 11pm EST

    please let it be the DG projects : D !!!
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    Expanded Coin Shell

    hey guys , im thinking of purchasing a expanded coin shell and wanted to get some background info on it ? such what is the difference between and expanded shell and normal shell , is there any cons getting it eg. a coin getting stuck inside. Please give more information about it . The shell im...
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    Coin across?

    hey guys , been getting into coin magic recently and was wondering if theres a source where i can find this coin across its the first coin across cyril does .
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    D&D's Static with Gimmick?

    dumb question , but can u flourish with this gimmck on u ? as u mensioned before it wont disturd any other tricks you wish to perform with the deck
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    Double back cards

    about anything , the most easiest one is the card to wallet that fools lay ppl . have a card in the wallet before the trick , force the card, contrl it to the top, say its in the wallet, pull out double back , bring it to the deck and do a double lift , ta da !!
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    D&D's Static with Gimmick?

    w8 its like um how do i put this , is this gimmick a one time use thing , i imagine it being sumtin that will last you a long time , u mean u have to refill it ? like exile ! ahh lol
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    D&D's Static with Gimmick?

    can this gimmick be used with any deck , or is it like a panic gimmick where its only made for the deck ?
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    Card Bundle

    your best bet would be ebay
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    Avenue Review

    could u explain the "DVD encompases different utilities with Pughe's Pass" .. wat are the other utilities with a brief description please
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