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  • Hello! My name is Jordan! My friends and i are creating a website.
    We are trying to make it like a social networking site for magicians, so that we can share tricks and ideas with each other.
    Check it out! Thanks!
    whats name is robert...looking around to meet some new magicians... How long you been in the art? What field, stage, close-up?
    A few weeks ago I heard that Wayne was working on a T&R
    I see that you mentioned a T&R made by Wayne called Counterfiet Hollingworth.
    Can you give me more information about this effect, I love T&R's.
    Thanks in advance and please :D
    yeah, this tryout was a bad one. The tryout was trashed by the Azn (no offence) but it was over crowed with azn that's why the audition was really hard to get thru. btw I didn't get to see u at the castle. just in case u might see me, I was the Azn dude wearing a black suit top and wearing aviator sunglasses standing on the right side of the Castle.
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