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  • Hey!

    I'm going crazy searching for the PETS SET UP. Please if you have info about it write me.

    Bought the electric touch and would love to have the pets setup before I damage my gimmick beyond repair. Thank you.
    Hello Llero, I have just bought the Eletric Touch and cannot find the Pets setup. Could you please send it to me? Thank you very much! anuar_tuma@hotmail.com
    Hello there, I am in desperate need for the P.e.t.s set up. After owning the device for 4 years and knowing it can be set up "easier" , I am eager to learn the set up. Could you please be so kind as to help me? :S delock51@hotmail.com
    Hey Ive had the Electric Touch for a while but never really used it or set it up. I got more serious into magic and wanted to use it. After searching I can no longer join the secret fourm and cant find the Pets setup anywhere. Can you please explain it to me? I really want to use my ET
    whats up...my name is robert...looking around to meet some new magicians... How long you been in the art? What field, stage, close-up?
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