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    meet up

    Hi mate I live on the Wirral if your still game, I'm probably ancient compared to most people on here as I used to be really in to my cards but that was in like 2012, I've just started picking them up again .
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    Merry Christmas everyone Can anyone recommend and floirishes with aerials or flicks Or just stand alone aerial moves I'm already familiar with hot shot/ Instant replay, bullet shot, deck flip and the move where you flick cards with your thumb by straddling the deck your ring and index...
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    Looking for inspiration.

    All awesome, Thankyou!
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    Any cardists in ......

    Any cardists in or around the merseyside area (liverpool) uk?
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    Looking for inspiration.

    Can anyone suggest any inspiring videos? perhaps something that could be percrived as orginal, something that made you want to grab a deck of cards and start jamming, I really like the work of chase duncan, zach mueller and karlsson amongst many others. I'm looking for something more in the...
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    Must-learn flourishes for beginners?

    I wish i learned to faro earlier when starting, comes into play quite abit later on with more advanced moves.
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    Riffle fan

    I personally think dimitri teaches it kind of poorly, keep practicing, I'm still Working on mine I can get it to about 270 degrees.
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    Deck spilt

    A method of splitting the deck.
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    Deck spilt

    I'm after a flashy deck spilt in preparation for some fancy simultaneous one handed cuts? I've seen I decent one on the levin/sogard new release shuffle, (can't remember the name) anyone kno of any others that they would recommend Thanks
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    Cardists near birmingham?

    About 2 years on and off, u? How old are you if you don't mind me asking? Here's me about a year ago with some colour changes aswell.
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    Cardists near birmingham?

    I live in merseyside, I'm going down to brummy for a gig at the end of June, Might have some free time while I'm there?
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    Losing motivation

    Yes not on a large scale but I do perform occasianly at bars and pubs,
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    Losing motivation

    I want to kno people's thoughts on this, I have been crazy on card magic and flourishing for over 18 months now, but I'm afraid I'm losing my motivation and drive, I still practice a lot but it's Almost like im running out if New material to learn, and I'm getting the buzz less ( by this I...
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    Favorite Move Monkey Moves?

    Raise rise, Ray Kosby
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