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    Question about Submit A Trick

    yeah keep it.. that's the big problem these days everyone wants to sell their trick. when that's supposed to be the last thing you do. work on it keep it.
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    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 : the movie

    Christopher Nolan ( vipermagic ) is the best so far i love it ahaha, i hate you if i don't win but you're awesome :P
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    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 : the movie

    MOVIE POSTER Johnny Depp as D. Madison Jack Nicholson as C. Kenner Daniel Radcliffe as J. Bayme Chase Crawford as A. Jikh Title : Pasta, Drama and blah blah blah.. (Everything is blurred) Daniel madison wakes up and sees C. Kenner aiming at him with a gun, Kenner shoots him and...
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    Mmmm... new theory11?

    i personally like it but of course i'll have to get used to it,
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    Mmmm... new theory11?

    wait.. what ? was i away for this long ? new theory11 ? looking good i like it? since when was it like this ?
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    Miniature Decks.

    i used to get mine at toys r us you buy two regular bicycle decks and get a free miniature, i wonder if that's still available or if you can get that where you live.
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    Where to get Bee Wynns

    you can get bricks and single pack on ebay fullboat dealer or something like that
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    ''My'' Color Change

    thanks to everyone I'll be working on it.
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    ''My'' Color Change

    A color change I came up with, From King of hearts to King of Spades. I might not be the first one to do it, if not tell me who created it first and I'll give the proper credits. Thanks Obviously inspired by Daniel Madisons Change. Music By Wiz...
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    What do I Do ?

    I uploaded a video in the media section by mistake ( the wrong version of the video ). it says I can't post twice the same so i wont just re-post the new version but i also don't want the old one to be approved. help ?
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    $4.95 Discount Not Working?

    oh snap i got here to late
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    Rate my clipshift

    you shouldn't put it on youtube after 3 days of practicing it takes mounts to make it look decent .. one good tip i can give you is doing it with to decks at once try it (2 decks in the same hand) and you should defenetly re-watch the DVD cause you missed one great tip that makes the move look...
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    Introduce yourself!

    Real name: louis. Age:17 Hobbies other than magic: Sports,traveling How I started in magic: at the age of 6 my grand father gave me a magic DVD. Where Am i now: I've stopped doing magic for the past 4 months but i still love messing around with cards Where do I come from: Montreal Where...
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    ACAAN Effects

    The advocate by daniel madison allows you to do such a thing.. and my personal favorite is daniel garcias ACAAN on volume one or two. but i can't remember..
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    Daniel Madison Song Help

    hey everyone i a huge d+M fan and i'm looking for the tittle of the song used in the Fong deck video can anyone help? On Vimeo or On danielmadisons site
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