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  • Heya, Luis, thanks for the kind words on the audition. I am so ready. I will be using a brand new large green rubber band for the first part of my trick, thanks to Chris Kenner, who I met at the castle last Monday. I am so happy about it all.

    Have a good one,
    Sorry Luis, Been away for a long time. Been preparing for some tv appearances and my stage show. Got a lot going on right at the moment. Dude, what an experience u and Jeff McBride. I would have went nuts!!!!

    that kinda sucks... What happened to the business, I thought they were the rich and in place to go to. I'm pretty good myself, I have been getting a few gigs lately, so that's pretty good.
    Love these journal entries. I left you a comment on the thread. Unbelievable man! Hope all is well. I have a gig next Saturday for a magician's 40th bday party. The wife hired me as a surprise. Not sure what to perform because he will probably know a lot already.
    Oh sorry to hear about that, sounds like the worst week imaginable! Forget about the girl i had the same thing last year but slowly recovering, and im sure its the restaurants loss of a good magician, ive been travelling of late got back 2 weeks ago after 6 months and getting back into the swing of things again, lifes full of ups and down!!
    The magic castle audition is still in september on the 25th. I haven't been to the castle in 2 weeks I feel bad about it. I will be there this sunday so I am excited about that. I will work on my routine there. Great to hear from you. Have a good one Luis.
    That should be fantastic! I'm going to record one as well. Hopefully these will inspire others to contribute!
    Si quieres yo te ayudo a traducirlo (no es para que me lo mandes gratis :p. Oye men y un video de la rutina del restaurant estaria bueno para ver como lo hacen los pro
    Pretty good, I am so excited for you. I have ran my routine by all the best names found at the castle and they say I'll get in easy. I will just practice and polish until September. :)
    Hey Luis, what's up, answer me tomorrow because I am actually going to sleep. Haha, have a nice night.
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