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    Contraband print not aligned??

    Hey KonGe, Thanks for reaching out! Sorry your deck of Contraband isn't up to expectations. We print our decks through the US Playing Card Company, and while they have a great quality control system in place, they still print THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of decks every hour! Sometimes decks with...
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    When the Magic Cafe Freezes over...

    This thread has been dormant for ten years. If you want to continue this topic, feel free to start a new thread. Thanks! // L
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    Box ONE by nph

    Designed for one person, but there is nothing stopping you from doing this with someone else. The more people you add, however, the quicker you will move through this and the experience won't be as good. Lots of people play with two. Replayability is low. Once you have played you know how to...
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    Box ONE by nph

    There are actually a bunch of different puzzles in this game. None are incredibly hard, but there are some things that require out of the box thinking! Box One is not new - it has been in Target stores in the USA since last fall, and has been sold quietly on our site for a little while now. The...
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    Nerdy girl love

    A chance? Of course! The sky is the limit. Star Trek too! We just can't talk about what actual plans we have in the works. That said... there are some REALLY cool things brewing... // L
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    T11 Deck Factsheets. What Do You Want to See?

    Most of our decks are like this and have been for a few years now, including most decks that used to have extra cards with the back design on them. We sell to many retailers that sell to mostly non-magicians, and extra cards that use the back design (like double-backers) are super confusing to...
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    Complete List of theory11 Decks

    This deck is the Mystery Box deck, which came in two colors. // L
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    T11 Deck Factsheets. What Do You Want to See?

    There are actually two colors of Hudson decks - Teal and Black. The black version actually has a gray tuck case. // L
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    ISO: Gaff Dice!

    Hey Marcel! Lots of people use the forum. I suspect there are two reasons you aren't seeing a lot of replies. 1 - We don't allow buying / selling / advertising in the forums. I suspect most people just aren't wanting to jump in on a thread they expect will get closed. 2 - The Jason England...
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    Theory 11 decks

    Most are, but not all. // L
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    Complete List of theory11 Decks

    The marked deck by Daniel Madison and theory11 was called Players. // L
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    How do you feel about theory11 cards?

    No thread bumping, please! This thread was inactive for over two years. If you want to carry on with this topic, feel free to start a new thread. Closed. // L
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    New Mailchimp Decks?

    A Mailchimp deck created EXCLUSIVELY for MailChimp (and sold to nobody else) does exist, and that photo is of this deck. We will not be selling it or offering it on theory11 or anywhere else. You can view photos here. I do not have other photos, as we never photographed the deck for a product...
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    Decks with alternate backs

    There isn't a "gray version", though the Black Hudson deck actually has a dark gray tuck case. // L
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    Some of the decks will be restocked, and some won't be. If you want to know about a specific deck, feel free to ask our support team at and they can let you know. // L
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