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Recent content by MagicDrummer08

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    Best Self Created Card Trick

    you're on...i'll make the battle now.
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    Any battle!

    I'll take on any battle challenge as long as it ends by tuesday the 12th. And I can take on three at a time.
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    What makes a magic trick?

    I might not be able to say this on t11, but there is this e-book on penguin magic for free it can REALLY help. It's free and the ideas in it are very useful!
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    Important Ambitious Card Question

    This is a variable that can make or break an Ambitious Card Routine. What do you think is the right amount of phases before it gets redundant?
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    Give Me Your Best Shot...

    Dang It!!! My camera is in another state! Sorry man, i cant do this one.
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    Witness - Can it be signed?

    yeah, L.A. has thought of not so much a visual but more of a shocking and impossible effect. The Joker is in the bag, then its not and their selection is. And if you do this effect for an audience before doing anything with signatures, they won't think of it. If you do a signed card trick and...
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    Give Me Your Best Shot...

    good battle idea, check with you tomorrow
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    Give Me Your Best Shot...

    I'm new to the Battles and haven't been in one yet. I'll accept any challenge.
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    Saturday Night Contest : What You Think

    How about the most original and creative double lift.... that would be cool
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    Would this work for magic?

    If you wanted a good reaction, make it multiple insects. But that could be hard to control.
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    Would this work for magic?

    To be completely honest with you, I think you'll get one of two reactions: 1) they'll get freaked out and it wouldn't qualify in their minds as magic, or 2) they'll just stare at it and wonder what the f**k you're doing. Just my opinion. If you perform it, tell me how it goes though.
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    Dan & Dave The System Question

    Hey! I've heard all about how The System is filled with Easter Eggs and hidden content and I was wondering if anyone out there could tell me how to get to any of them. Thank you! :cool:
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    Saturday Night Contest : David Blaine Edition

    I'm David Blaine. For the next week, I will live in a glass box. BUT, there's a catch. I will have to watch every Criss Angel Mindfreak Episode ever. Will I survive through that terror? Doctors have told
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