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    Saturday Night Contest - Guess The Artisans!

    black: 4 diamonds white K spades
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    Saturday Night Contest - Always in Control

    Hey all. So I don't usually compete at SNC's, but when I saw the prize i couldnt resist. I love aristocrats! Anyways, here's a control i came up with really quickly for this SNC. It's not perfected yet, and needs a lot of work obviously. And i flashed. Oh well. Here it is...
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    Saturday Night Contest - A Shuffled Chaos

    Shin Lim top card: 4 of diamonds bottom card: king of spades
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    Any one know/ heard what the shadow stack is?

    Hey, does anyone know what that stack is? A friend of mine was just wondering. Thanks
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    Saturday Night Contest - Standing Solo

    Hey guys, here's something I came up with and filmed real quickly for the Snc. Enjoy! Shin Lim
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    Adding Production Value: Post-Production

    Hey Geraint, My first suggestion would be to get a camera which shoots at 1080p. However there is also another way around it by having the settings set at "iphone" or "android" settings right when you start up a new sequence. A window will pop up giving you a whole bunch of importing selections...
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    your username says it all ^
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    Shin Lim's Flawless

    Hey Alex, I understand your frustration, however when I showed you and Chris Wiehl the move you both agreed that there was a move similar to that, but as a whole used different enough sleights to be original. Yes, the overall accomplishment of turning over two cards is evident, however there...
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    Shin Lim's Flawless

    Shin Lim Alright guys, First things first: I would like to apologize for not crediting Aurthur Buckleys Card control. Flawless however, was an independent creation from Card control, and the actual inspiration was from By Forces Unseen. I have now updated my effect and given credit to...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Michael's Secret Vacation

    singapore- shin lim singapore isa the city that mr. herp would like to go :)
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Power of Probability

    Coin toss Prediction Shin Lim 1h 2t 3t 4t 5t 6t
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    Saturday Night Contest - All Wired Up!

    good luck to every one!
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    Saturday Night Contest - All Wired Up!

    For sept 3rd 2011: Color changes and production Here's my effect for the 3rd of September. It consist of different impromptu color changes done with a deck of cards and an impromptu card production : Shin Lim
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    Saturday Night Contest - All Wired Up!

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    Saturday Night Contest - All Wired Up!

    For sept 3rd: Card production and color change Ok, so evidently the submissions had to be done today(My bad). So I decided to record and put up three of my favorite color changes and a card production. THIS WAS FILMED AND EDITED TODAY[at a very fast rate]:) ...
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