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  • Hm... what I change my username to does not matter, afterall, it's just a fake and imaginery name each and every username 'hides' behind, MagicLemonBird. ;)

    Inferno Kaiser
    alright well sorry for being a douche, I over reacted, it wouldnt be fair to make yo battle when you are techinically starting over. Contact me whenever, juts dont wait to long,.
    Yeah it is a big deal man. Its not just oh lets have a nice little battle, cause everyones a winner! No, thats new age crap. But, fine you can have it your way. You contact ME when you think you've practiced enough.
    there is no other reason for you to "wait to get back on your feet" besides the fact that you are afraid to battle me. If this isnt the reason, PELASE do tell what it is
    the reason im not gonna shut up is because im not afraid to battle you. You are just trying to buy time because you dont want to lose again.
    ARE YOU SERIOUS!? you definitely said "interesting......wanna battle again then? thats kind of confusing" Sounds like a challenge. So either put up or shut up.
    you could practice for 20 years and you wouldnt be better than me. If you dont want to battle you shouldnt have challenged me.
    well I didnt expect you to come back and try and ease back into things. It might just be me, but usually if youchallenge someone to a battle, you better be ready to go right away.
    No you just missed me point completely. Im not saying i want you to stop practicing, im saying that because you challenged me to a battle im not giving you time to "get back on your feet". Because, if you challenge me, then you better be ready to go right now. Cause im ready. so either lets go or learn some respect for people who are better than you.
    first of all, ending with ummm... exactly isnt a good idea because, well, you arent right. You left, and then you come back saying that you want to battle me because you think you actually won last time. If you want to batlle we battle now. Just because you left and havent been practicing, doesnt mean I have to stoop to your level in order to crush you ina battle. send me the rules and we will settle this.
    oh no no no.. If you come back saying that I didnt legitimately win our last battle, we go NOW! no wait for me to get back you shouldnt have left
    yeah thats what i said we spammed it hard lol. when it ended i won 15 to 13, read the thread. We spammed the poll after it ended. jeesh you really did miss alot when you were gone..
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