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  • Sorry, can't do tokbox or whatever right now, I have to walk about a hundred yards from my vacation apartment to get pick up an internet signal. I'll tell when I get back home.
    Whoa, why did you change your username? Anyways, wouldn't it be easier to give each other our email addresses instead?
    Hey man. So I'm thinking for this Cardistry Contest, we should have some sort of theme going on (such as ariel flourishes, or slow and smooth, or quick and flashy, etc). Otherwise, it will seem as though we just threw our footage together with no thought or effort put into it.

    I think we should also collaborate with our other member to find out exactly what flourishes that we are all capable of doing (and practicing) so that our material not only looks good, but follow suits with our theme.

    Anyways, that's just my idea. Let me know what you think.
    Sure. Why not. I've got a lot of work on the go, but i'll do my best to contribute to the group.
    so what i'll be doing now is basically cutting a DVD on the effects i plan on releasing, this could go as a two parter, you seem me doing some of my effects, some old effects no one is really doing these days, with my own personal spin i may add, and also some stunts....

    i have renamed the one trick DVD into a mutli-trick DVD entitled "FSM presents FLATLINE: the killer DVD". so i guess i'll be performing for the mayor, governor, well. what you will get in FLATLINE will be new stuff, old stuff redone in my own way, and also a couple of stunts

    i may need a new camera guy or someone that can help me out with my horrible filming

    but for the most part, things will be really great

    get at me when u can

    FreakShowMagic Productions
    glad you asked, i'm gonna be freakin swamped with stuff, i plan on first releasing some of my effects, i think they are gonna have a delay on them, not for them not being ready, but mainly for paperwork, and others that i'm working with not ready on their!!!
    Okay, I'm at a hotel right now, still not sure about the internet situation at my vacation spot.

    Let me know who you get. (micheal herp....o_O)
    One more thing. Since you don't seem to know alot of moves except for the ones already on dvds I'll upload some ug tutorials for you to learn from k? You'll have to practice alot though.
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