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  1. MagicLemonBird

    Magic for some of the biggest stars on YouTube!

    Whoa excuse you, these people are very talented and accomplished. Do you know how hard it is to make a living off a Youtube? No offense but I think you're being a bit harsh, "they're no one too me".
  2. MagicLemonBird

    My summer!? or at least a video of my birthday Still going strong ha. Its not a magic video or a cardistry video, but a fun video to show you guys what I'm doing.
  3. MagicLemonBird

    Protected Forum For SMOKE?

    what!?! theres a protected forum for thread!? lol i have the effect and i never knew that.
  4. MagicLemonBird

    Newbie question (help)

    Nobody can really tell you how much pressure to put on your cards, you need to feel it yourself. You can't really express it unless someone is there in person to tell you. But you'll be able to figure out the pressure once you're a well rounded beginner. There has to be a problem if you can't...
  5. MagicLemonBird

    Battles. Where?

    hey, what happend to "the wire" page?
  6. MagicLemonBird


    ha thanks i haven't come up with a name for the one handed thing yet.
  7. MagicLemonBird

    ideAs A new video! :D Can you guys subscribe to my new channel? Thanks EDIT: lol can you guys comment =P if you have any.....comments?
  8. MagicLemonBird

    Saturday Night Contest - Create a Flourish :: Round IV

    NOTE: the first flourish is for the contest, the second one is just something cool
  9. MagicLemonBird

    Saturday Night Contest - Create a Flourish :: Round IV

    damn ummm i can't decide between two different flourishes
  10. MagicLemonBird

    t11.bulletin - theory11 has a MASSIVE secret

    lol I log on at the exact right times
  11. MagicLemonBird

    Video Resolution Question (Sony Vegas) They have HD rendering tutorials (720 and 1080 p's) The guys pretty awesome.
  12. MagicLemonBird

    Styles of Flourishing

    Yeah of course, because I said that MOST don't. There are exceptions. And of course you didn't read my post and then resorted to pull Fatfingerz and Matt vlasanko on me. They actually have some style. But seriously, XCM IN GENERAL if you watch a guy who is completely immobile and just moves his...
  13. MagicLemonBird

    Styles of Flourishing

    No offense, but I don't believe De'vo really has a style. XCM doesn't really have a ROCK solid style. They do "wave" their hands, but it isn't as "stylish" , "complex" , or "stunning" as cardists do. XCMers really lack the essence of what style really is. It isn't to just "flash" your cards here...
  14. MagicLemonBird

    Ccc 2010

    i think they'll unveil it this week. I remember last year that it was like July 16th. lol But I wish that they would have like a "best performance" vid. Cause its kind of hard to find other flourishers where i live.
  15. MagicLemonBird

    theory11 Roundtable Discussion - Luke Dancy : Round Two

    What made you want to pursue magic as a career?
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