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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. magicman1040

    Crush by Eric Ross

    This is very cool kind of out of the box. I like it.
  2. magicman1040

    Magic-Con 2010 Special Guest - Announced!

    haha guess I was wrong great guess good news is you don't have to punch yourself! :)
  3. magicman1040

    Magic-Con 2010 Special Guest - Announced!

    Well first off I think you might be punching yourself in the face soon. haha. Second after hearing some of the description it takes me to the David Copperfield show I went to a couple years ago, he made me feel like I was really experiencing magic. I think it could be him, which some of you have...
  4. magicman1040

    Ripped At The Seam

    I really like the effect and how your presented it, but It's great that you make your videos without weird angles so we can see exactly what's going on. It's like a live performance, but the best part was the ending by far haha.
  5. magicman1040

    Saturday Night Contest - Keep The Change

    congratulations unleasher great job. Enjoy the decks!
  6. magicman1040

    Saturday Night Contest - Keep The Change I cut it a little close. hope you enjoy.
  7. magicman1040

    New Member Here

    welcome, this is a great place to expand your magic. Have Fun.
  8. magicman1040

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    thanks man, have a great one.
  9. magicman1040

    Extravagance In Our Cards

    I was actually about to post this EXACT same thing. haha when I saw this I couldn't believe it. People need to realize that things are only worth what people are willing to pay for them.
  10. magicman1040

    Stop Saying Patter Please

    Like everyone else has said using the word is almost like slang saying a word, but not using the exact definition.
  11. magicman1040

    Biddle Trick: Your Patter ...

    I usually place them in between the spectator's hands and tell them if they feel "Heat" than I carry on with the routine.
  12. magicman1040

    Strangely Cut Bikes?

    nothing more probably less than a normal deck of bikes.
  13. magicman1040


    Nothing new but if you find a good use for it than thats great.
  14. magicman1040

    Teen Magicians - People Not Taking Us Seriously

    It just comes down to whether you are performing tricks that actually amaze or tricks that adults expect kids to do. You also need to carry yourself like someone who knows what they are doing and not someone that just started.
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