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Recent content by magicman2292

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    Created a CRAZY effect... need a little help please.

    goddamn. i posted this a year ago. i remember that effect. it was ****ing flawless. too bad i quit. peace.
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    I Need Help Please!

    update guise. i quit magic. found out it was a pathetic waste of time even though i created some revolutionary sh*t (yes, revolutionary. you dont know what it is, so dont be too quick to judge) im into lifting now. i allowed my physique to reach far greater lengths than what i had dreamed of...
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    Bodybuilding and Magic - Lookalikes?

    Ok, im a magician and a bodybuilder... and recently ive beena bit pre occupied with bodybuilding... but im pretty experienced in both fields, so heres what i found... check this out.. Franks McGrath: the Daniel Madison of bodybuilding.. one of the most respected BBers Alexey Lesukov...
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    Any Bodybuilders In Here?

    cool, you on the BBing forums?
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    Any Bodybuilders In Here?

    u on the BBing forums? what are your stats? (height, weight)
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    Any Bodybuilders In Here?

    hey guys.... for the past year, my new hobby has been bodybuilding... yes, i got bigger... wayy bigger... im active in the forums... and that kinda got me less and less interseted in magic and now i wanna come back... but just wondering, are any of you bodybuilders? any of...
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    Havent Been Around In A While.

    i BARELY flourish...just some cuts and stuff
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    Havent Been Around In A While.

    aight im cool with still practicing trying to get my fingers used to the cards again...
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    Havent Been Around In A While.

    oh and i just looked around in the threads and stuff and theres lots of new posters...good to see that :)
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    Havent Been Around In A While.

    hey guys...i sorta lost interest in magic right after i created a bunch of new stuff..i dont want all that to go to i wanna get back into it... im still pretty fresh witht he moves and stuff in my head...i havent posted here in months so i just wanna know whats new.. so whats new??
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    How Long Does It Take To Get A Video Approved?

    holy **** dude i cant belive it...i was JUST reading your sig in the comments of a youtube vid...i JUST GOT DONE reading it, then came to t11 and this is the first thread i opened....and your sig caught my eye....WOW
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    Saturday Night Contest - Call Me Out / Ring a Riddle

    astonishment, amazement...cmon..a balloon? thats what we all thought of but thought that it wouldnt be the answer since its so abvious
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    Saturday Night Contest - Call Me Out / Ring a Riddle

    Seems to me like you're the only one who go the email...perhaps you won? Did you reply to the message?
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