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  1. magicman384

    Price of Cards?

    I used to come these forums when I did magic a lot, probably around 3-4 years ago. Now i'm not into magic like I used to be, and was looking to sell some of the cards that I gathered during that time. I wouldn't sell them on here, because if I remember correctly, you're not supposed to sell...
  2. magicman384

    Nikon Film Festival - In The Cards : Short Film by Andrei Jikh

    Great video! but couldn't you have just turned around and leaned inwards?
  3. magicman384

    Vorezo Effect Contest #4 - LETTERS

    vor Watermelon.
  4. magicman384

    Vorezo Effect Contest #4 - LETTERS

    VOR ABC Oh ya...
  5. magicman384


    Hey guys, I know this isn't magic related, but I think its for a good cause. Basically, everytime you tweet #BeatCancer on twitter, eBay/PayPal and MillerCoors will donate 1 penny to help cancer. It's free for you, so why not try.
  6. magicman384

    Saturday Night Contest - This House is Made of Cards

    Steve the unicorn t- shirt. I was really bored.
  7. magicman384

    The Main Event: A True "Astonishment" At least that kid had a fine print.
  8. magicman384


    also, i heard iron wool is good to use to color the coin, but I haven't tried it personally.
  9. magicman384

    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable Discussion with Homer Liwag

    When you started magic, what was the easiest and hardest parts?
  10. magicman384

    Street Magic 2

    On the biddle trick, you don't have to mention that you are giving it a couple of cuts, they can see it. And the false cuts with it weren't needed also. thats all i've watched so far.
  11. magicman384

    "Just Cut to the Chase!"

    One question: When do you perform during the school day?
  12. magicman384

    MAGIC!: Another YouTube Video

    epic win!!!
  13. magicman384

    Dream of Aces

    Why does it matter that it has to use the pop out move?
  14. magicman384

    The best places in the USA to experience?

    If you're in snowboarding, Park city is a must.
  15. magicman384

    Good Editing Software

    umm. I haven't?
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