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    Chop Cup

    The biggest thing with a chop cup set, is that you want the gimmick and the ball to be strong enough to hold, but not so strong that it can't be easily dislodged, you don't want to seem to be banging your props. I'm rather fond of the work done by the folks at RNT2, they have a number of...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Patrick's Pushup Battle

    Patrick Kun 40 push ups // Andrei 35 push ups
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    Saturday Night Contest - My Marked Card

    10 of diamonds Hope I'm right :)
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    new colour change

    Not knowing the exact mechanics, I can't be sure, however, what your doing resembles another change I've seen. I'll try to look up the name for you so you can compare. Otherwise, it's a very nice looking change. Cheers! Matt M.
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    Texas Pasteboard Massacre

    I like the effect Michael, while I wished it wasn't mentioned in the YouTube thread, the one person was right that you might benefit from Jeff Kaylor and Michael Ammar's new "Any signed card to any spectator's wallet". Admittingly, it doesn't look like you absolutely need it, but you might...
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    Cups and Balls Set

    The things to look for in a cup in part depend on the type of routine you want to do with them. In general, I would recommend getting a metal set of cups, Aluminum is a great place to start, though in the long run you will probably want something with a little more weight to them (i.e. copper...
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    What's sitting at the bottom of your magic drawer?

    Jskwared, you need to pull that hotrod out and dust it off, It's a great effect to carry around in your pocket, and there are some pretty cool visual changes you can do with it.
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    The Wire - My Handling of The Push Off Double Lift

    I believe Croz's reference to original was not the fact that it was a double lift, but rather that the particular version of the double lift you are doing is the same mechanically as what is taught on Andi's DVD (Which I do not have, so can neither confirm or deny this fact). If it is in fact...
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    TKO vs Gecko vs Topit

    Just to clarify for those who don't know, a topit does not require long sleeves per-se, but it does require a jacket (which is, of course likely to have long sleeves). Also, there are different models for top-its: some would allow you to both produce and vanish objects. Generally speaking, it...
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    How NOT To Get Tips

    Interestingly, the two times I've been tipped were at gigs where I had a set performance fee. In both cases the people who hired me chose to pay a tip in addition to my set price. I assume that means they were impressed with the performance ;-)
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    Let's See Your Setup!

    Well, my dorm's to messy, but that's alright, since it's not my main practice area anymore. I currently work at Magic Etc., the last brick and mortar shop in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. (come give me a visit if you live in the area)
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    t11.bulletin - Steve Cohen : National Arts Club Award Winner

    Congratulations, keep up the good work!
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    Tell me what you think/critique me. Please?

    Along with the other comments, the push-over to get a break below the selected card was a little obvious. That could have more to do with the glaring eye of a camera, though. You might consider blending the push-over with placing the two aces on top of the deck. Cheers! Matt M.
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    Clipshift week one

    It's looking pretty good, you seem to have picked it up much faster than I was able to.
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    Questions about close-up pad storage

    Rolling with felt out is the suggested method for storing most pads, and I've never had the problem of the felt peeling (guess I'm lucky). I'm not certain, but you might be able to contact the folks at Sterling magic and see what they suggest (as far as repairs go). Also, if you happen to be a...
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