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  • haha mega long time..and a TON. Just got back from vegas a few days ago. Magic got better..met other magicians within driving range i never knew existed. met more female magicians...got my permit..and soon getting my license and a car. im writing a close up show now too. and im learning french..i love it. hopfully going to live in france for a week next yr with school..and going into my senior yr..goal=keep myself mega busy. i like having things to do haha whats new with u??
    ikkk! thts cuz SOMEONE likes to play hard to get here. :p and will only talk to me thru t11. but anyways not too much i can FINALLY walk again :] tomorrow ill find out for sure if im goin to Dannys lecture thts about it. whats up with u?
    hellz yeah a lot. lets see, im writing a book, schools finally ending, new magic, new friends, reuniting with old friends lol. my birthdays next week! and been looking at colleges. you?
    hehe i know! and nm, schools finally out =D cept i gotta go back in for exams ew.

    sitting, in a room..........alone.

    lol my parents went gambleing and so did my bro and his friend...even tho they're underage.
    [im in vegas btw]

    haha okayy, jus seeing. i have some friends tht do track and hate running. i still dont know why they're on track if they hate running
    yeah this is the 3rd year in a row im going, 4th time total. i lovee it its like my 2nd home.

    and magic isn't a hobby to me.

    but i am a cheerleader also.
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