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    What do you do outside of magic?

    I'm an electric guitarist, as well as a full time student studying psychology.
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    Misdirection help

    There was just a thread about this in the General Discussion subforum. Maybe you'll find it useful. Link.
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    My Spellbound

    Silky smooth, good work.
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    One Purple Coin Routine

    Not sure if it's just the lighting, but I could have sworn that I saw you flash on numerous occasions. Tighten up your palming work, add some misdirection via facial expressions/patter and you'll be good to go :)
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    Check out master stage pickpocket Apollo Robbins
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    Cards for table work?

    For gambling sleights, Bees are the way to go. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of the Expert at the Card Table-Erdnase. It's a book, but will give you a practical treatise on the sleights employed by card cheats. As far as cheap DVDs go, I recommend Jason England's Foundations DVDs...
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    Magic of the mind

    I have a few suggestions (books) that should help you in your quest to "learn the ways of the mind". Strong Magic-Darwin Ortiz (great reviews, no tricks here) Sleights of the Mind (basically neuroscience + professional magicians working together to talk about the brain). For reading people...
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    Price of cards directly from USPCC?

    Looks like $3.99/pack (
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    Beginning Magician

    While I do not personally own this, almost everything Ammar has put out has been very well done, so this could be a good idea if you want to go down the DVD path. In my opinion, Ammar is one of the best teachers in magic in the world today.
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    Beginning Magician

    This. Your advice was spot on, RRTCM is an excellent place to start. For a broader course in magic, I recommend checking out Mark Wilson's complete course. It has an incredibly wide variety of material in it (including cards, which OP said he was interested in) and is quite cheap (less than...
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    Which Book?

    From what I've heard (and read) the Coats/Byrd series were not very good. As a beginner, I want to establish a solid foundation in the art and then move forward with that. Thank you though.
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    Which Book?

    Hi All, I've been looking into getting a pickpocketing book. I know that Ricki Dunn's book is often considered to be one of the best sources on the subject, but how does Jim Ravel's Theatrical Pick Pocketing compare? Thanks, Mahu
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    Yet Another Introduction!

    Hello Everyone! I suppose I'm not super new to these forums (I've been registered for a few years), but I've recently decided to become active. This (unlike some other sites that I have been to) seems to be one of the friendlier forums on magic that I have seen. I have always loved magic...
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    Hello theory11! New to the Forums!

    Welcome Chad! I don't think you'll be able to find much more of a helpful community than Theory 11 has established here (I know I have a low post count, but I'm kind of a lurker that pitches in where I can :) ). If you're willing to be as dedicated to magic as you were with martial arts, you...
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    Card Control

    Mind=blown. Very well done.
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