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  • Hey, Just read on tumblr that you got into Future Stars. Congratulations!!
    How's magic treating life?! It has indeed been a while since we've talked, been a little tough keeping on T11 with school, work and so forth. But lovin' it back again! Keep well!
    Haha, that's awesome. Dan Sperry is an amazing magician it's pretty cool you got to meet him. I actually could've gone to one of his shows a few weeks ago since he was in town, but unfortunately I was busy.
    I hope I'm not being rude, but what exactly is your signature supposed to mean? I thought it was awesome, but I wasn't sure exactly why...
    Congratulations, thats great!!! Well Done! Hope the TV special airs here too.Im Looking forward to watching it.
    Hey Anna!

    Havent talked in a while...I could swear I left a message wishing you a happy new year, but for some reason it isn't here. So...Happy New Year. (well not so 'new' now but anyway).

    Whats up with you?
    that's very important. You want to be rehearsed, but not too rehearsed. I think the script is important so that you have a good outline of where the performance is going, beat for beat. written out to get the effect across to it's maximum potential. That way you have something to fill in the awkward moments of silence with rather than "um..." Going off the beaten path is a beautiful thing. I've found some of my unrehearsed interactions to be way better than any script I could ever right, so you never know... I performed Las Vegas Leaper not too long ago and in the end the spectator and I had quite the dialogue about the potential of me causing her to "sh*t cards." Her words not mine :p. my eyes nearly popped out in shock with that explanation.
    That's great! I'm glad to hear that... I'm one of those people that I think does much better performing than practicing as far as dialogue goes. And while I am very iffy on patter, I believe in having great preparation. I think it depends on what the patter is about and who is using it.
    Oh that's awesome! Good luck to you! the hard part is done it seems! I just bought Scripting Magic. Heard great things about it.
    Yes. I will PM you, just be sure to state your T11 name so I know who you are.
    C3 just got a whole new meaning! (Crap Card Confetti)

    Have you tried Origami before? You could use it to make paper stars and stuff using the Cards.
    Why does he think you can't make a career doing magic?

    Oh Well, hopefully the REAL Santa Clause wont dissapoint you :p
    Cool, im sure its going to be AWESOME! Speaking of awesome, how was the Eugene Berger lecture?
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