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    1. Sean.Cinco
      Lol true. I usually work afternoons/evenings, so I'm usually online late night/early morning. I'm sure we can work out a time. Do you have facebook or AIM? It's easier to catch me on there.
    2. Goth
      But i think i can do it, idk, if you say so..
    3. Goth
      I don't know what a classic palm is xD i'll look it up and i don't get a ring i just get this red mark near my thumb knuckle the knuckle closest to my palm not the one near the nail, and that sounds painful,
    4. Goth
      Oh, no i've only been actually working on it for like 2 or 4 days or 3 i haven't worked on it today and only a little yesterday, I can get it up, but not very high though, and idk if i'm doing it right, and i have to use my other hand to get it in place right my middle finger can't do it
    5. Goth
      Well first of all i've created a control to take the place of the dmb spread control and i think i'm going to submit it to theory11 it just needs some more practice, then i'll record it and submit, then see what happens, other than that i'm working on the coin roll xD and partially the muscle pass if the tutorials on youtube are correct and since i was curious as to why everyone is learning it. And i hope you guys have fun and get to see bigfoot :)
    6. canadamagic
      It's been good, just got back from vacation, picked up a few things magic related or not here and there. How about yourself?
    7. Sean.Cinco
      Nothing much. Finally got hold of the movie, "Shade" and loving it. How are you?
    8. Luis Vega
      Luis Vega

      Tomorrow is my first day!! I am so excited...I am going to buy a new pair of shoes and a new shirt tomorrow after my arquitect job...

      did you see I post a response for you in the last journal thread?

      how are your plans going for the magic castle?..If you wish I can see your routine and give you advice...

      have a nice night!!
    9. sky_lark
      Why thank you! :D
    10. Luis Vega
      Luis Vega
      Hey!! Good Morning!!

      I am writing the update of the journal, but It will be posted until tuesday night since I need something to happen that day in the noon...

      how is everything with you? any luck on your plans?
    11. William Draven
      William Draven
      Hey MalibuARMY! How are you doing? Thank you for your very kind complements on the fire eating!
    12. Jenai
      Hey, you there? Please Come on skype if you can
    13. Goth
      Thanks, it's nice having someone to talk to about magic :)
    14. SleightedMind
      Nice ;) Quick tip for the anti-gravity aka muscle pass is to use multiple coins. For instance, I'm able to do it with a half dollar, but, to practice, I just scotch 3 half-dollars together, so it's heavier, thus my muscle builds much faster this way.
    15. SleightedMind
      I'm figuring out how to do a perfect sidesteal into palm, searching for table hoping tricks, as well as reading Paul Brook The alchemist tools :D. You ?
    16. Fritts1223
      it has! nothing much really. im getting ready to have a bonfire tonight. how have you been doing?
    17. Pip
      Thanks for the welcome.
    18. Goth
      Oh, sorry. I was a little late with my response xD
    19. Goth
      Thanks :) I've actually been buying from Theory 11 for 2 months or so, I just didn't join the forums.
    20. Rioma
      Nice to meet you.
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    With Gerard Way
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