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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable : Blake Vogt!

    1) How often do you practice to perfect an effect? 2) When brainstorming on creating a new effect, what are your procedures in coming up with an effect that blows peoples minds? 3) What was the very first performance or magic effect which inspired you to do magic?
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    Houston area. Session this weekend?

    that would be fun.. i'm from houston.. but i work weekend nights..:(
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    Meer in Dallas/Ft. Worth Area

    oh man, if i lived near dallas, i would like to meet up..i live in houston
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    what part of texas are you from? i'm from Houston

    what part of texas are you from? i'm from Houston
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    Invisible Elastic Thread

    I use Yigal Elastics, i love them, i also make my own loop thread instead of buying the package for 10 dollars. There is also a real good dvd you might want to check out by Justin Miller, its called "The Cloak" he teaches you ways of using Yigal Elastics where you can show your hands cleanly and...
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    also, do not expose loops to the sun too much.. it will break real easily and ware out.. when using loops in the day light where the loop can be expose to the sun.. try to create a shadow and do your loop magic under your shadow, not only does it make your loop invisible but it will no...
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    Voting open for Color Change

    whats the name of the change magicman2292? i would like to learn that change..
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