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    Classic Cold Reading Books

    Thank you! That's a huge help.
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    Classic Cold Reading Books

    Hey, haven’t been on here for a while. I’m currently reading The Dance by Brad Henderson. He keeps mentioning that the reader should read the classics on cold reading (I mean cold reading techniques, tarot, palm reading, etc.) but he never mentions what these must-reads are. Any help? Thanks!
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    Smoke Applications

    I know you weren't offering this to me, but I perform a fair amount of mentalism and would love to hear your idea if your willing to share it.
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    Jon Dorenbos

    Hey everyone, Some of you Eagles fans might already know this, but I just found this story and think it's really amazing! Jon Dorenbos is the Philadelphia Eagles long snapper and he has a really cool story involving magic. The link to his story is Here So in light of this I thought we all...
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    Apollo Robbins DVD/Book?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if any of you know if Apollo Robbins has written any books or produced any DVDs on pickpocketing (or anything else for that matter)? Also for those of you who do pickpocketing acts, what books/DVDs would you recommend? Thanks!
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    Book to add stuff OTHER than cards to my repertoire?

    I second this. Even if you already have volume one there are seven other volumes loaded with gems!
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    In Need Of Some Durable Cards

    I agree. I had these cards for about 3 months and they were like new the whole time. Unfortunately I missplaced them so I'll have to go back to the shop and pick up some more. Great cards.
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    Local Magic Shops

    I live about 30 min away from the Denny and Lee magic studio (Baltimore). I absolutely love it. Denny is extremely knowledgeable and a really great person. It took me about 2 years to actually find a shop near me and I must say when I found that shop, my view on magic totally changed!
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    Why Do People Act Like This?

    Ah ok, thanks for the example and clearing that up. I guess my "character" if you want to call it that is somewhat of a nerdy stereotypical magician (in a comedic way), so I usually do something when asked and i was just curious of others thoughts. -thanks
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    Why Do People Act Like This?

    Sorry if this seems unrelated but the answers people are giving such as "don't perform when people ask you because it makes you seem like a monkey:, I don't seem to understand. It's magic, aren't you supposed to entertain them? I don't understand why magicians get all offended when people ask...
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    Tips Appreciated

    towtox I noticed in the video (like many others did) how uncomfortable and stiff your hands were. I would recommend (once again like someone else did) to look up on how to hold the deck. When I first started out I took about a week doing nothing but holding the deck in mechanics grip which...
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    Practicing Coin on Shoulder?

    Hey everyone, I've just recently got into some magic such as Coin on Shoulder and I will be going on a school field trip tomorrow. I suspect that there will be considerably large amounts of time when we will just be standing around with nothing to do, and was wondering if this could be a good...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Daniel Garcia Roundtable

    What Magician/s most inspired you when you first started in magic?
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    Everyone Please see this!!!

    Hey Vansh Thakur! Welcome to magic! I noticed in your post that you said you wanted to be a complete professional magician. In light of that, I would highly advise you to get the Tarbell Course in Magic. This is a great course for the beginner, and professional and teaches pretty much all the...
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