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    Help Me Learn the Classic Pass! (Video Included)

    When it comes to the Classic Pass, I'd highly recommend checking out Akira Fujii's work:
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    Heads Up Moderators, T11 Staff. Need Your Attention.

    I just want to say that I'm grateful for this forum as it is the only one that I have been able to join. As an obsessed hobbiest, I really have no connections, professional or otherwise by which I can be validated or given passage. I have always lived in parts of the U.S., Mexico, or South...
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    Also Jester, I just wanted to add this just in case. I'm not sure what kind of trick you are planning; however, if you're looking to use Jumbo Cards, David Eldridge teaches a version of "8 Card Brainwave" using Jumbo Cards in his DVD, "Fundamentalism". Didn't know if this would interest you, but...
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    Ok, good! I know it's anti-magician to share the "how-to's" but I have no other idea how to do this. So, here it goes breaking the rules. From what I remember, (if you're right handed) you riffle the deck with the left thumb while supporting the deck, gripping with the fingers palm up. With...
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    Any reference for mind reading

    The big names in Mentalism are (but not limited to): Peter Turner Bob Cassidy Luke Jermay Banachek Colin McLeod Max Maven Docc Hilford (not as popular now) Richard Osterlind Spidey (Check him out here on T11) Corinda Annemann Richard Osterlind is probably going to be your best resource for all...
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    If I came off as a jerk, I'm really sorry. It wasn't my intention. I've seen the RF taught on jumbo decks, that's why I suggested it. I just can't for the life of me remember who taught it and what dvd it was on. Personally, I don't like the large decks as they're extremely awkward and very...
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    Recommendations for card magic beginner

    Taalas, do you have a local magic shop that you can frequent? Also, do you prefer books or DVDs?
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    Everyday Carry?

    Thomas Isaacson's "Prophet" (except that I only use $1's and $5's); deck of cards with Eoin O'Hare's "Sleeper" gimmick; and four silver Peace dollars with a maching "OxF" by Jaime Schoolcraft.
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    Yeah, I'm familiar with the deck. The RF would have to be modified for two hands but it is totally doable, I promise (i.e. riffle with one hand while the other holds the break).
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    Making a trick sharpie seem normal

    If you're still wanting to do a switch for whatever reason, the large majority of what I have seen specifically with sharpies are sleeving, topit work, lapping, pocket ditching, and retraction devices. Or, do something really dorky like just put the marker in your pocket and if they ask to see...
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    Best cups for cups and balls

    If you're looking for some high quality cups and balls, check out William's Magic. They have some of the best that I have ever seen. Some of the sets that he has sold have come from Asia and are quite beautiful. Emory William is a phenomenal guy. He'll bend over backwards to help you...
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    If you have a hard time manipulating a larger deck, I'd highly recommend doing a riffle force. If you have a hard time wrapping your hand around a jumbo deck, the classic force maybe too difficult to execute.
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    Angles with many spectators and misdirection

    Another tactic that I had to learn to do (the hard way), is start out with a simpler trick, gauge who is purposefully trying to burn you, and then modify accordingly. But if no one is trying to burn you, then there's no need to complicate things by using any of the above tactics.
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    Making a trick sharpie seem normal

    Every routine that I have seen use that gimmick ends up with the performer handing out the gimmicked sharpie. Is there a reason as to why you don't want to hand out the gimmicked sharpie? To me that seems like running when you're not being chased. The change of the logo IS the effect, why switch...
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    Gender Reveal Ideas

    So, here's what I ended up creating. I had everybody decide who was going to secretly pick either boy or girl or "opt out from choosing". Only one person could pick boy and only one person could pick girl. I then had my sister-in-law pick a single card from an all-black-deck (Tiger backs to be...
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